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TrendistaanTrendistaan, published on on 3rd Apr, 2018, 20 Views

Can cookies be used to spy on me?

Well, many users have this doubt that when websites place cookies on their systems. This is also true that most of the websites play this game to speed up their website load time and increase more engagement.Cookies are nothing but simple text files. These text files cannot accomplish programs or ... Read More
SagarSagar, published on on 14th Dec, 2018, 9 Views

DevOps for Python, Django, ROR and Java Stacks

With advancement and operations expecting to end up noticeably speedier in this day and age, there is a requirement for a framework which makes improvement and operations simple in all programming dialects. Such a framework is DevOps.What is DevOps?DevOps intends to bring advancement and operation into nearer contact and enable ... Read More
SagarSagar, published on on 14th Dec, 2018, 6 Views

Leo Techonosoft offers Expert SaaS Load Testing Process Services

Software as a Service or SaaS has been continuously evolving to cater to the changing demands of the users. Several factors like developing cloud technology, rising demand of resource optimisation, expanding businesses, etc. have contributed to the popularity of SaaS. SaaS development Company facilitates load testing to allow businesses to ... Read More
HassanHassan, published on on 7th Dec, 2018, 7 Views

5 Things You May Not Want To Hear About Kitchen Remodeling

It would be an exciting idea for homeowners to makeover their kitchen looks and functionality. However, kitchen remodeling is an investment you cannot afford to opt for with closed eyes. To begin with, some arguments may seem unimportant to you but by a focus on them, you will get benefits ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 6th Dec, 2018, 29 Views

To Put Diabetic Patients on Insulin is a big push by Medical Industry - says Fiona Godlee

The first ever woman editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Fiona Godlee is known for her fearless talks against corruption in medical science and blasting the governments for being lax in health matters of people. She has always campaigned for patient-centric healthcare. She was recently in India for BMJ South ... Read More
MeenuMeenu, published on on 5th Dec, 2018, 2 Views

Mommy Makeovers: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Mommy makeovers are one of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons. As beautiful as pregnancy can be, but it can truly take a toll on a woman’s body. Even with a perfect diet and daily exercise, there may still be problem areas. The fact is, there are some ... Read More
AshokAshok, published on on 5th Dec, 2018, 56 Views

3d web pages products showcase (future tech)

This is how 3d web page will showcase the products -- #futuretechnology
RushiRushi, published on on 6th Dec, 2018, 116 Views

Quora has been hacked with 100 million users information

After hacking of Marriott Starwood hotels, now turn of the question and answer website Quora has been hacked with 100 million user information.This week Monday night, Quora announced that “a malicious third party” gained access to its systems and swiped the account information of nearly 100 million users. This information includes ... Read More
DiyaDiya, published on on 4th Dec, 2018, 22 Views

An Easy Guide to Help You Repair Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling is an essential factor contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the room. It is important yet mostly forgotten part. The ceiling is not only to protect the electrical plumbing system or to look at when bored. The role of the ceiling is far more than this.Ceilings are responsible ... Read More
TrishaTrisha, published on on 30th Nov, 2018, 16 Views

Use Your Smartphone But With A Care Gentleman

The one thing we cannot go along without at the moment is our darling smartphone. But do you think we have no etiquette to handle this device, which is although very essential but deadly at the same time?  Yes, it’s true but you worry not. Follow these simple rules to ... Read More
AakangshaAakangsha, published on on 28th Nov, 2018, 27 Views

This Is How You Can Safeguard Yourself from Allergies This Winter

Winters have started knocking our door and so are the troubles like allergies, infections, dryness, itchy skin, etc. The dipping temperature might cause you cold, cough, and the seasonal viral. The chances of catching cold become higher if you ride. Therefore, it’s essential to wear a mask along with your ... Read More
AshokAshok, published on on 27th Nov, 2018, 3 Views

For Employees

By: Oleg Vishnepolsky (Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk)
DilerDiler, published on on 28th Aug, 2018, 21 Views

Projection Screens are Obsolete Now. Enjoy Movies On LED Screens In Multiplexes.

I still remember my first introduction with a cinema hall was at the when I was eight and that experience left me in sheer surprise that how come images be seen on a wide piece of cloth from a small room where the MM projector used to be kept. The ... Read More
SumiSumi, published on on 20th Nov, 2018, 29 Views

Salute to Amitabh Bachchan who pays off debts of 1398 UP farmers!!

In a great gesture of Humanity and Generosity, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, one of the greatest and legendary actors of Indian Cinema paid off the debts of 1398 UP farmers, which accounted to INR 4.05 Crores. For the past 20 years, 300, 000 farmers have taken their lives due to the pressure ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 20th Nov, 2018, 43 Views

Now we have Taimur Dolls!! Peaks of Taimur fever!!

Is it believable? Have people gone mad and crazy? Peaks of Taimurism !!!Dressed in a white Kurta and navy blue Pyjamas, accessed with a matching jacket, Taimur dolls have hit the stores. The blue-eyed boy of the Bollywood's power couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor is already breaking the ... Read More
NandiniNandini, published on on 19th Nov, 2018, 24 Views

International Mens Day: These Pictures of Their Huge Contribution Will Melt Your Heart Today

Whether it's standing up for people who need him to, or making the choices that he believes are right- the better man is the one that goes to sleep with a smile, a clear conscience and a wardrobe he's happy with!Today on International Men's Day let’s acknowledge the men who ... Read More
TriptiTripti, published on on 17th Nov, 2018, 1 Views

How do I prepare for the IIT-JAM biotechnology?

Don’t waste your time by getting worried, play smart and follow the sure shots approach. While preparing for IIT JAM Exam, you can also appear in JEST, JNU, BHU, BINC Exams. All these exams can be your alternative career options. Hard work alone is not sufficient to get success. You also need ... Read More
DakshithDakshith, published on on 15th Nov, 2018, 12 Views

These 15 Pictures of the God Of Cricket Will Bring Back You the Sachin Era Once Again

Sachin played his Debut game today in 1989 and left us with some fond memories cherishing us till our last breath. He has not only inspired millions of lives but rather transformed them just by his presence out there. In Virat Kohli’s words, “My superhero has always been Sachin Tendulkar, ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 13th Nov, 2018, 19 Views

World Diabetes Day 2018: Here Are The Tips to Prevent Diabetes In Young Children And Teens

As per the International Diabetes Federation(IDF), there are 425 million people who are currently living with diabetes. The theme for this year's World Diabetes Day, which falls on 14th November, is The Family and Diabetes.Most of the people who are suffering from diabetes have type 2 diabetes, which can be ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 13th Nov, 2018, 8 Views

These 10 Messages Tell Us What Significance Did Stan Lee Have for All of Us

Stan Lee, the creator of the superheroes like the Spiderman and Hulk has passed away at the age of 95. However, he will always be flashing in our mind and heart for the precious memories he has blessed us with. I have grown up reading and watching the amazing adventures ... Read More
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