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AakangshaAakangsha, published on 14h 6m ago, 8 Views

Facing Infertility, Basti Treatment In Ayurveda Can Prove to Be Magical.

The major cause of infertility is spoiled air (Vaayu Dosh) and Basti treatment is the best in Ayurveda. A number of herbals are used to treat Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. No menstruation, before time menstruation, access bleeding, pain during periods, PCOD hormonal imbalance, etc. are causing infertility big time. To ... Read More
OmOm, published on 1d 14h ago, 13 Views

Latest Research: Facebook might cause depression if you spend more than 22 minutes on it.

Are you in depression? Who is not in this competitive era?  But hey, wait! Do you ever observe the cause of your depression is not your job, family, relation, ambitions, unrealistic goals, etc. but your favorite encampment Facebook. Yes, a recent survey done by Moment, an organization, which monitors mobile apps, ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 21st May, 2018, 21 Views

Men of this Village in Rajasthan Marry Twice for This Weird Reason.

I do not think you have ever heard of or came across any tradition weird than this one. The men in the habitation called ‘Ramdeyo Ki Bast’ at Derasar village in Rajasthan marry at least twice and continue this weird custom, which has now been a part-and-parcel of their culture. ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 18th May, 2018, 26 Views

Get 2,600 cashback on all 4G Smartphones using this baap of all deals by Amazon and Airtel.

Planning to buy your favorite 4G smartphone, here is the explosive cashback deal offered by Amazon and Airtel. The two giants joined hands targeting to drive 4G smartphone adoption across the country. This offer is associated with telco’s initiative, Mera Pehla Smartphone and you can get the whopping cashback of 2, ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 18th May, 2018, 10 Views

Historic Ordinances by Governor NN Vohra Against Rape Case Convicts in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is a horrifying fact that there is a steep increase in the number of minor rape cases in India in the last few months. Pity is that the conviction rate in these minor rape cases is very low. The reason could be the fear of delayed court proceedings, victims ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 16th May, 2018, 147 Views

Meet Rahul Taneja Who Served at A Restaurant in Jaipur, Fixed Tyre Punctures, Now Owns A Jaguar worth Rs. 1.5 Crore.

We take birth and die one day while there are folks amongst us who come up from where they belonged to and change things around them along with setting an example for the rest. Yes, Name-Rahul Taneja, City-Jaipur, Old Profession-Waiter and Current Profession-Event Management.Surprised!!! ….Obviously and his journey from being ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 15th May, 2018, 2 Views

These Popular Myths About Taj Mahal will Surely Leave You Strike with Awe.

The oldest myth about Taj Mahal is that Shah Jahan severed the hands of the sculptors and architects after they finished the construction of this universal marvel because he never wanted that such magnificent and amazing piece of work to be repeated. But there is no clue of such event ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 15th May, 2018, 84 Views

Great Initiative by Kerala Villagers to revive a Dead River !!!

Do you think it was an easy task to revive back a river declared ‘dead’ for almost ten years? But the villagers of Alappuzha district have made it possible with their strong willpower and physical strength.  After 70 days of back-breaking effort, the 700-strong local group of villagers, mostly women, ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 14th May, 2018, 5 Views

This latest research has proved that learning a new word can actually boost your happiness level.

If you are not feeling well or isolation is biting you. Simply open up the dictionary that has been submerged in dust and learn a new word and you will see that this activity really fetches you joy. Tim Lomas, a lecturer of Psychology in the University of East London, ... Read More
PoojaPooja, published on on 10th May, 2018, 13 Views

Know About HRM and CRM, and How They Are Linked In An Organization

Are you an employee, working in an organization and they have all your information like bank details, your personal details?? Have you ever wonder how they keep your data safe and confidential?? Also, the details of clients and customers, their small activities, updates and news, how an organization maintain all ... Read More
PoojaPooja, published on on 10th May, 2018, 54 Views

Is That Recent Dust Storm, Just the Beginning of Natural Disasters, Causing due to Global Warming?

Recently, the severe dust storm and thunderstorm hit North Indian states including UP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and North Eastern states including Sikkim, West Bengal and some nearby states. It demolished the nature by causing electricity to fail, uprooting trees, destroying houses and killing livestock in a large number. Strong winds along ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 9th May, 2018, 5 Views

Why has UGC dropped 4,305 journals from its approved list? How will it affect the prospectus of the research scholars, Ph.D. aspirants, etc.?

Recently, The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) recent move has left researchers in a sheer state of dismay when it removed 4, 305 journals from its approved list. The reason given for this stern move is that UGC was concerned about the quality of these journals and many among them were ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 7th May, 2018, 157 Views

This Guy from Jaipur and an IIT-Gandhinagar Alumnus Receives Rs.1 Crore through Schmidt Science Fellowship and Thrashes the Belief that You Can not Be A Millionaire while You Study.

The reason for results of various exams is on and a new lot of toppers will soon flood the news; however, despite being achievers at the initial stage many of them lose their track in the long run, but this IITian not only upheld his academic success but also earned ... Read More
SareezSareez, published on on 3rd Apr, 2018, 10 Views

Saree - Comfortably Traditional Attire

Saree is the all-time favorite outfit for women, especially in summer. The scorching heat and humid climate give a serious threat to fashionistas who constantly try to sport something chic. Summer only demands comfort that comes from the soothing cotton material. To beat the excessive heat, cotton saree can be ... Read More
PoojaPooja, published on on 9th Apr, 2018, 52 Views

Mouni Roy is Replaced by Karishma Tanna in TV serial - Naagin 3

India’s one of the most popular shows, “Naagin 3” is coming back on the Television. But now the twist is, the leading role of Naagin is not playing by the beautiful and sizzling Mouni Roy. A sad news for her fans!! Right?? But no need to worry guys, this time ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 5th Apr, 2018, 21 Views

I Bet You will Be In Splits after Seeing How Did Twitterati React On Salman Verdict.

Bhai got convicted for Black Buck Poaching Case. Bhaitards be like...Vivek Oberoi has sent tiffin for Jodhpur court judge.Judge: You are found guilty. Salman : Sir sachi, uss dinn gaadi driver chala raha tha. Judge: Abey dusra case chal raha hai ye.Asaram Bapu waiting for Salman Khan in the jail.Waiting for Gurmehar Kaur with ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 5th Apr, 2018, 55 Views

What happens if Amazon bought Flipkart?

The biggest E-commerce tycoon in the world, Amazon is in talks to buy the booming Indian online seller Flipkart. Earlier there were some confirmations that Walmart inc. is ready to buy 40% of Flipkart. Flipkart, the "desi" company which has established itself in the global electronic commerce sector, was founded in ... Read More
PoojaPooja, published on on 5th Apr, 2018, 124 Views

A Big Relief - HIV Treatment Launched in India

Yes! It is absolutely true and might come as a relief for many fighting against this deadly virus in India. Now, it can be assumed that after few years, it might be treated as a game changer in the field of pharma business as there were no drugs available earlier ... Read More
PrasannaPrasanna, published on on 5th Apr, 2018, 17 Views

An insight into Ancient Hindu Philosophy.

“Hinduism” is the embodiment of religious and philosophical beliefs indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and is considered as one of the oldest religion on earth. Hinduism is also called "Sanatana Dharma" which has the pillars of strength i.e., the oldest surviving text of humanity - the Vedas. Hindu philosophy refers to ... Read More
OmOm, published on on 5th Apr, 2018, 132 Views

Salman Khan gets 5 years rigorous imprisonment in the Blackbuck killing case.

In the 2 decades old Blackbuck killing case, Salman gets a five-year imprisonment along with a 10 thousand rupees fine. Salman is convicted in the 9/51 Wildlife  Act. A warrant for the imprisonment was immediately issued against Salman Khan and he was immediately sent to the Jodhpur central jail.Earlier, the ... Read More
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