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Shweta, published on on 19th Jan, 2018, 27 Views

Basic Concepts of Bitcoin That You Must Know

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. As the identity of this person is not known, people do not know whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a single person or a group of persons.What is Cryptocurrency?Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption to regulate the generation of currency units ... Read More
kalpana, published on on 28th Nov, 2017, 6 Views

Best Home Security Systems

A great home security system will give us a sense of comfort and confidence. The IOT (Internet Of Things) has made it easier than ever to set up a smart home in which we can remotely control our door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums, and even pet feeders, using our Smartphone ... Read More
Prasanna, published on on 26th Dec, 2017, 13 Views

Donating to social causes has become a fashion statement nowadays. Do you agree?

Introduction:Social causes are basically different types of social issues or problems faced by people living in a country. In India, we have a number of pressing issues that engulf the lives of people in different sections of the society. These problems are often complex and a number of factors are ... Read More
kalpana, published on on 29th Nov, 2017, 6 Views

Ways To Protect Your Information Online

With social media channels like Facebook and Twitter remaining as popular as ever, cyber criminals are able to access a user's information such as location, date of birth and family connections, which they then use to hack into their other accounts, such as banking and online storage. These simple steps ... Read More
Prasanna, published on on 30th Nov, 2017, 10 Views

What do you think about Transplantation of human organs act, 1994? Did it stop the Illegal trade of organs?

Introduction:Organ transplantation can be defined as a medical procedure that involves the replacement of a missing or damaged organ by a medically intact organ. The organ can be removed from the body of one person and then placed into another, the recipient. In the recent times, organ transplants have become ... Read More
Prapoorna, published on on 23rd Nov, 2017, 6 Views

Will the Upcoming 2019 elections be a Starry Affair in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh?

The upcoming 2019 elections are seeming to be too starry in the Telugu states. Just as in other South Indian states such as Karnataka and Tamilnadu, there seems to be a huge possibility of movie stars coming into politics in the coming year by making their foray in the next ... Read More
Suman, published on on 21st Nov, 2017, 6 Views

Why do phones still launch with Marshmallow in 2017?

Android Nougat also called as Android N officially released on 22nd August, 2016. It is the seventh major version of the Android operating system. The LG V20 was the first smartphone launched with Nougat. So my point here is it’s been more than a year that Android Nougat got officially released. ... Read More
Suman, published on on 21st Nov, 2017, 1 Views

How Facebook Manages to Spot and Ban Cloaking by Spam Sites

Cloaking is a term very common among programmers and hackers. The word sounds like a heavy technological word but actually is just a search engine optimization technique. Now a day these tricks are used by spammers to fool filters. Facebook, as you all know, is very particular about their security ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 16th Nov, 2017, 8 Views

Big Data, Small Brains: How Human Brains are Shrinking with technology Advancements

Did any of you read the article of Digit "Progress toward becoming God" on the cover, ? Even if you are an avid reader and a subscriber to the magazine, chances are that you'd likely have overlooked it. After that, you might have gone through other different articles on some ... Read More
kalpana, published on on 9th Nov, 2017, 19 Views

Dual WhatsApp: How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone

Today uses of Android smartphones are getting increased and many people are connected to the internet with the friend, family, and their Relatives. Now a day’s most of the Smartphones are two or Dual Sim device, It means now peoples need more than one or two things whichever it is ... Read More
kalpana, published on on 7th Nov, 2017, 1 Views

How to share Live Location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service, just rolled out a major new feature in its app: 'Live Location Share' that lets you share your live location with others. Earlier, WhatsApp has a 'Current Location' sharing feature that gives you the option to share your current location with other users, but that’s ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 2nd Nov, 2017, 6 Views

fluctuating petrol prices in India: is Any Respite On the Way?

The fluctuating petrol prices have always been a concern of Indian public, who is currently not very happy with the sudden rise in petrol prices. Although the government is linking this sudden increase in fuel prices to the series of Hurricane in the US, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan calmed the ... Read More
Sabitri, published on on 2nd Oct, 2017, 8 Views

Why India Doesn't Read Right

The poor people of the state rely on the Government schools for the Primary education of their children. However, the government failed to facilitate proper infrastructure for the government schools, in terms of providing buildings, teachers etc. These schools lack basic facilities like blackboards and chalk. Another reason would be ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 13 Views

Dynasty Governs a Democracy: Hereditary politics in India

Monarchy was abolished in India after its Independence as per the official records. But the truth is that even before the aristocrats were small puppet leaders at the hands of the Britishers when they ruled India. So technically, hereditary power placement happened after India was declared as a democratic nation.Democracy ... Read More
Anuradha, published on on 26th Sep, 2017, 152 Views

Rani Padmini: Imaginary beauty or a warrior queen

When talking about the legendary great women of India, one can't ignore Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh, who holds a special place and prime importance as an icon of national honor. The story of this queen teaches the lesson of courage, braveness, and sacrifice. It signifies the importance of honor of ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 3 Views

The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013: Does it Effectively Protect Women?

Indian tradition and culture glorified women as the creator who gives birth and worshipped as Goddess. But now it has become a society which is unable to respect, protect and nurture its women. Time is also helpless by watching the women suffering in the form of discrimination, oppression, exploitation, degradation, ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 7 Views

A failure of the nation: Bihar's Infamous education system

Education is the backbone of development for any state and then for any country. Poor education reflects the bad governance of a state. In Bihar, the State ad the civil society both are to be blamed for the lack of governance and the degrading standards of education. Especially under the ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 7 Views


The Drug trafficking is a black market at global level. It involves cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of drugs which is against the law. It is subjected to drug prohibition law. Indian jurisdictions prohibit this illegal drug trade. It was started in the 1700s in China for opium smoking and ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 6 Views

Developing tourist attractions to the full potential? Will it boost Indian economy?

The dictionary meaning of tourism states that it is travel for leisure, recreational or business purposes in which profits are earned by providing services for the people or tourists who are travelling. Tourism has become the fourth largest industry that contributes to the global economy.This thriving economic sector has and ... Read More
Bishnu Mohan, published on on 1st Nov, 2017, 2 Views

It's Time India Patented Yoga as a Way of Life:

Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word "yuj" whose philosophical meaning is to unite the soul with the divine. Many perceived it as a bestowal of the Indian culture and traditions to the world and seen as a means to acquire physical well-being. But in reality, it is much more ... Read More
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