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Why Xamarin Development Is Being Preferred Over Others For Mobile Development?

Building mobile applications means designing a mobile app, testing it for bugs and submitting it to app store for approval. Easy it may sound, it is very time consuming.

Developing an app for iOS version, and Android version takes time. Hence, it is Xamarin which saves your time.

What is Xamarin?

  • Xamarin is a programming language platform that can make an app designed using this platform, compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Hence, nobody needs to make double efforts to make the iOS version or Android version of their app separately. Just one app is designed and gets submitted to both app stores.

Why Xamarin?

  • Every platform has its limitations. For example, some platforms only allow app development in HTML and JavaScript. Some are very low-level and only allow C/C++ code. Some platforms do not utilize the native control toolkit. Xamarin helps users to overcome the limitation of most platforms.
  • Xamarin combines the important features of all platforms.

Key Features of Xamarin:

Complete Binding for the underlying Software Development Kit (SDKs) – Xamarin contains bindings for all underlying platform SDKs in both iOS and Android. These bindings are strongly-typed. They are easy navigation as well as usage. They also provide strong compile-time type checking and during development, and hence, reducing runtime errors.

Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ Interop – Xamarin allows users to directly invoke Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ libraries. This enables users to use a wide array of third party code that has already been created. Users can take advantage of existing iOS and Android libraries written in Objective-C, Java or C/C++. Not only that, Xamarin also offers binding projects that allows users to easily bind native Objective-C and Java libraries that are using a declarative syntax.

Modern Language Constructs – Xamarin applications are written in a modern language called C#. C# includes improvements over Java and Objective-C. Such improvements include Functional Constructs such as Lambdas, Dynamic Language Features, Parallel Programming features, LINQ, sophisticated Generics, and more.

Base Class Library (BCL) – Xamarin applications use the .NET BCL. This is a collection of classes, containing comprehensive and streamlined features such as powerful XML, Serialization, String, Database, IO, Networking support and more. Existing C# code can be compiled for use in applications. This gives users, access to thousands upon thousands of libraries that will let them (users), and work on things that have not been covered in the BCL.

Modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – Xamarin uses Xamarin Studio on Mac OS X and Visual Studio on Windows which are modern IDEs. These IDEs include features such as a sophisticated Project and Solution management system, code auto completion, project template library, integrated source control, and many others.

Mobile Cross Platform Support – Xamarin offers sophisticated cross-platform support for the major mobile platforms of iOS and Android. Applications can be written to share up to 90% of their code. At the same time, our Xamarin Mobile library offers a unified Application Programming Interface (API) to access common resources across all platforms. This can reduce development costs as well as time to market for mobile developers targeting mobile platforms.


Due to features listed above the compatible nature of Xamarin, various as well as web development companies are patronizing Xamarin. Xamarin development companies are playing a significant role in partner product development.

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