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Features Of Node.js And Its Business Values

Node.js development is gaining popularity due to real-time applications, fast and scalable solution. It has numerous features which enhance the development process, as well as features boost business objective. Hence, the partnership with Node.js Development Company could be the smart choice.

As consumers are inclined to new things, the need of market will allow business and customers to explore new and advanced technological experience.

Node.js possess following ability to enhance building web and mobile applications.

Build APIs supports for applications.

Agile experimentation with new and existing data.

Accelerate application development.

Node.js is an application runtime environment, uses JavaScript for building server-side applications. It possesses access to the operating system, files system, and fulfills other functions. Completely JavaScript based Node.js stands out among other server-side technologies due to its speed, and rate of data exchange.

Node.js development increasingly becomes a popular choice in an application development. Being a core server-side technology its demand for web and mobile application development is increased. Few of the leading applications in their domain are highly depends on Node.js and fully utilizes its future to be number one.

Why are most of the big brands using Node.js or switching to this technology?


LinkedIn has moved their web application and mobile app backend to Node.js. Decisions resulted that the new app is now five to ten time faster, and lightweight. Besides, it minimizes the time of development and cost of maintenance.

PayPal :

PayPal has shifted its backend development from Java to Node.js. As it allows writing browser side and server side in the same programing language, JavaScript. Adopting Node.js PayPal is maintaining its payment getaway and fulfils customers need.


 Netflix, a leading provider of streaming media, serves over 117 million users. To serve this huge number of subscribers, Netflix demands app scalability, fast development and lightweight. Node.js is successfully fulfilling its demand and reduced the development time. Besides, these leading company, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Mozilla or Github such big and small companies are shifting or already shifting to Node.js in its production. Hiring a Node.js development company is the best choice for small as well as big scale companies to stands out a project with its lightweight, speed, and high-quality performance.

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