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10 Best Food Sources of Zinc

Bhaswati Mukherjee
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Zinc is essential for good health. It is vital for new-borns, children, and pregnant women since it promotes growth and development. Although zinc is present in many foods, the body does not absorb zinc in the same way. Vegetarians and vegans are more likely to suffer from zinc insufficiency ... Read More
10 Best Food Sources of Zinc
Asked on 26th Mar, 2019

Are mathematics students eligible for UGC net exam?

Answered on 3rd Apr, 2019, 2 Views
Hi, No, mathematics students are not eligible for UGC NET but they are eligible for CSIR NET exam. CSIR NET exam is for science stream students while UGC NET is for non-science stream students. There are the following subjects for CSIR NET:1. Chemical science 2. Earth Science 3. Life Science 4. Mathematical science 5. Physical ... Read More
Asked on 15th Mar, 2019

Will the IIT JAM Chemistry Syllabus be changed for 2020?

Answered on 1st Apr, 2019, 119 Views
Currently, there is no official notification regarding chemistry syllabus change for JAM 2020. I don't think that syllabus will be changed. Still, keep an eye on official information in case any notification regarding this will out in future. 
Asked on 23rd Jan, 2019

When will the CSIR NET Answer Key be released

Answered on 27th Mar, 2019, 30 Views
Hi, CSIR has already released CSIR NET Dec Official Answer Key 2019 at on January 16, 2019. 
Asked on 11th Dec, 2018

From where shall I buy the Online IIT JAM Study Materials ?

Answered on 25th Mar, 2019, 11 Views
Hi, IIT JAM Exam conducted by IIT’s every year. The level of this exam is so high because it is the exam for taking admission in top most colleges of IIT’s or IISc’s.If you are not preparing in the right direction with right strategy then you will not be able ... Read More
Asked on 19th Jan, 2019

What is the UGC NET Exam Pattern

Answered on 16th Mar, 2019, 42 Views
There are different subjects so the syllabus is also vast. The UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus covers the topics from the aptitude section. As the exam is conducted for Teaching & Research aspirants, the UGC NET Paper 1 is completely based on research & teaching aptitude questions.You can check details ... Read More
Asked on 3rd Dec, 2018

How much does rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi?

Answered on 17th Mar, 2019, 22 Views
The cost of the procedure depends on the complexity of the surgery. And also, the alteration that needs to be done to fix it. The average cost of Rhinoplasty would range from 50,000 to 2 lakh.
Asked on 27th Dec, 2018

What is the best job search site?

Answered on 15th Mar, 2019, 27 Views
When it comes to job search this question often boggles the mind of job seekers and end up trying everything that comes their way. However, the strategic job search is what they need they come across that point in life. LinkedIn,,, etc., are a few major platforms where ... Read More
Asked on 21st Feb, 2019

If there is a war situation, who would win in a war between India and Pakistan?

Answered on 14th Mar, 2019, 28 Views
Undoubtedly, India and I am not saying this because I am an Indian and I love my country that of course I do but following are the facts that cement my confident statement.According to, Indian force reserves the 4th place in the world in terms of strength. The website ... Read More
Asked on 14th Mar, 2019

What is your favorite quote?

Answered on 14th Mar, 2019, 13 Views
Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.
Asked on 13th Mar, 2019

What are the best government jobs for women?

Answered on 13th Mar, 2019, 15 Views
Women are doing well in every field. In the Business world, one-third of entrepreneurs are women. Whatever may be the status of women in society, she is the natural homemaker. Many women give priority to their family and sacrifice their career and growth for the sake of children and family.Women ... Read More
What are the best government jobs for women?
Asked on 26th Sep, 2018

What are the symptoms of Depression in normal looking people?

Answered on 11th Mar, 2019, 20 Views
Do you remember the bollywood movie "Dear Zindagi"? Aliabhat's acting was so good in the movie, and when I read this question, I immediately got connected to her. She seems to be very normal with a good career and loving friends, but deep inside she has the scar of traumatic ... Read More
 What are the symptoms of Depression in normal looking people?
Asked on 17th Jan, 2019

Why is a college degree useless?

Answered on 8th Mar, 2019, 18 Views
Well ... that's what the degree holders are thinking with the ever increasing cost of college fee and job scarcity. Adding to this is the high rise in entrepreneurship online which does not require graduation, it all requires business acumen to earn money. There are multiple reasons why a college degree ... Read More
Why is a college degree useless?
Asked on 10th Mar, 2018

Why should I use Qries more often?

Answered on 6th Mar, 2019, 23 Views
Qries is a knowledge sharing portal where users can voice their queries and express their views on others' questions as well. It's published through a Hyderabad-based company called Tutorials Point (India) Limited, which is a pioneer in publishing knowledge-based was originated with the main motto as "The Next Generation Knowledge ... Read More
Asked on 20th Dec, 2017

What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Visual Effects?

Answered on 30th Apr, 2018, 12 Views
The Major difference between Motion Graphics and Visual Effects isMotion Graphics is an animated graphic design, which is created using digital footage creating an illusion of motion or rotation. This footage is usually combined with audio for creating a multimedia effect. Visual Effects combines existing footage with computer-generated imagery to create realistic scenes. ... Read More
Asked on 8th Jun, 2018

Why is Apple's virtual assistant named as Siri?

Answered on 8th Jun, 2018, 26 Views
All the iPhone users love the virtual assistant Siri that lives on every iPhone. The interesting fact is that it wasn't actually created by Apple and Apple had no say over the name, whatsoever.It was initially a spin-off project from the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center. The company when bought ... Read More
Why is Apple's virtual assistant named as Siri?
Asked on 24th Sep, 2018

Why did YouTube introduce non-skippable ads to all creators?

Answered on 5th Mar, 2019, 64 Views
YouTube has introduced non-skippable advertisements on their videos. Users previously had an option to skip these ads after five seconds of viewing. Now they have introduced non-skippable ads which have to be viewed completely.Why Non-Skippable ads?When you are not allowed to skip, people have to pay attention to YouTube ads. Market ... Read More
Why did YouTube introduce non-skippable ads to all creators?
Asked on 4th Aug, 2018

How to find out who am I?

Answered on 3rd Sep, 2018, 16 Views
To find out who we are, we have to take some time and do a SWOT analysis of ourselves. Wondering what is SWOT? Well, that is knowing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Dig into yourself and understand what terrifies you, is it the risk you take in life or the ... Read More
How to find out who am I?
Asked on 9th Mar, 2018

What are the top mind-bending theories of the Universe?

Answered on 5th Mar, 2019, 15 Views
The Universe is a very diverse and mysterious place. There are many mind-boggling theories about the Universe, that our human brains cannot even wrap themselves around those facts.Let us discuss some profound workings of the Universe which are connected with the very existence of life.  Let me tell you if ... Read More
What are the top mind-bending theories of the Universe?
Asked on 1st Feb, 2018

Why Qries is a better platform compared to Quora?

Answered on 7th Mar, 2018, 76 Views
Qries is a knowledge sharing platform where you can put forth queries and voice your opinions and interact with people from all corners of the world sharing their inputs. On comparing Qries to Quora, one will find that Qries comes across as a much simpler and clutter-free site, making it ... Read More
Why Qries is a better platform compared to Quora?
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