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Soldiers Are Freezing Their Sperm and the Trend Is Really A Great Sign of Change

A new trend is being observed among those who guard our borders and that is Sperm Freezing. Soldiers are opting for this method and there is a 30 percent boost in the trend in only last 3-4 years.

According to Dr. Bharat Pareekh, jawans take such a decision keeping the uncertainty of their lives. He further adds that the soldiers who approach us look confident but their spouse want to go for sperm freezing.

Dr. Reeta from Jalandhar adds that the government has made centers at Military Hospitals (MH) to freeze sperms and it’s absolutely free. Therefore, private hospitals observe only 1 to 2%  cases of sperm freezing. As per doctors, soldiers who opted for this option are generally those who have their posting in extremely inaccessible areas of the country as well as those who hardly get leaves to return home.

Ahemdabad’s Dr. Nitin Lal says, “We freeze the sperm of the soldiers who are posted at sensitive borders free. I took this decision two years ago when I visited Kargil with my wife and saw the soldiers. Dr. Nitin further adds that most soldiers come to us due to the insistence of their wives.

Bihar: The Free Service Commenced After Uri Attack

Five soldiers went to Srijan Infertility Center of Patna to freeze their sperm and the hospital management started free sperm freezing service in the center. Infertility specialist Dr Himanshu Rai says, “we had posted the information on our notice board since we started this service. We have been giving this service since Uri attack.

Maharastra: Soldiers Are Opting For It More than Commons

Compared to commons, the trend has been embraced 35-40% more by soldiers. There are many misconceptions among the masses regarding sperm freezing. Males even scared of the fact that their sperm count might turn out to be less. Soldiers are preferring centers close to their place where their spouse dwell.

Sperm Is Kept In Minus 196 Degree Celsius

Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia from Ahmedabad tells, we, first of all, get the blood test done of the person. Then we analyze his sperm count, and then sperm and its solution are mixed. The quantity of sperm and solution is kept the same. After 10 minutes, we make three parts of it. Why three parts because if a sample gets failed, we do not have to run out of options. We mention the name details of the person and the doctor on the sample. These samples are kept frozen in liquid Nitrogen in 196 degree Celsius, thus sperm can be kept secured for years.  

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