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Stunning Ceiling Designs to Spice Up Your Home

When we think about the ceiling of our home, a very common solution which comes in the mind is white and flat. A ceiling is a thing which gets skipped very easily despite all the amazing efforts we make in designing and decorating the rest of the house. On the other hand, a beautiful ceiling design, whether its living room, dining room, bathroom, or the kitchen will give an inimitable and unique character to the room that will have an indelible impression on the people who step in.

When you start planning the new design for your spaces, always think three-dimensionally about the whole room. If you ignore the ceiling, it will become a white elephant rather it should be the icing on the cake. Beautiful ceilings play a key role in setting the tone for your entire space in many ways. Whether you have high ceilings, low ceilings, blank canvas, or even the beams, there are outrageous ceiling design ideas that will get you inspired.

Let's delve into some prodigious collection of ceiling design trends to spice up your home.

1.  Make an impact with lighting

Modern ceilings do much more in a room than just providing a flat white roof for protection. With stunning ceiling designs on offer, include beautiful LED lights to make the designs more elaborate and exquisite. Ceiling contractors urge strongly to use pendant lights and chandeliers to bring the sleek and stylish look to your ceilings. Proper lighting technique will do wonders for any of the innovative ceiling design you choose for your home.

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2. Toying with the depth perception, Drop ceiling

A custom design ceiling will give a unique and amazing appeal to the eyes. It has the ability to alter the visual impression of the entire room. Drop roof design is an excellent choice for the spacious looking cathedral roof. It offers more compact and contemporary change staying in line with the latest and modern design trends.

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3.Charm your room with coffered and tray ceiling

Give your room a sense of height and airy feeling by using beautiful and luxurious coffered ceilings. It will bring the dreamed charm to your room which the homeowners and designers are working hard to get. Similarly, the tray ceiling design will give the impression of a more spacious interior with a modern outlook to your room. It works best with the rooms with a high roof and gives a fresh perspective to the room.

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4. Blend it well with beam ceiling

There are plenty of design options of ceilings but for those people who want to have the beautiful classic beam look, beam ceiling is the obvious choice for them. It will give the historical appeal to your room that you are dreaming off. Another excellent thing about this style is that it blends in seamlessly with the remainder of the home. it is highly eye-catching and beautiful design to have for your room.

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A beautiful ceiling design will complement the rest of the room. It will lift the visual appeal of a room in an aesthetic way. Keep in mind that perfect ceiling design varies for each room depending on the space and design of the room. There are innumerable colors, designs, and patterns to choose from so a qualified home improvement contractor can wisely guide you to the right design according to the available space and style of your room.

Above mentioned design ideas will give your room the exclusive and exceptional look and feel that you are after.

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