How can I start thinking positive?


When somebody is having a negative thought that he cannot perform certain things, or people do not like him, or he is good for nothing, he should start thinking positive. It is easier to say than to do. Negative things, negative environment, and negative people lead to negative thoughts so one should try to be away from such environment and such people.

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But if you think to change yourself then you should try the following ways.

  • You must think that if certain type of problem occurs in your life, you will be able to solve it. Always see positive things in your friends, relatives, boss etc. and neglect negative things in them.
  • You should join yoga classes as it will take focus away from negative thoughts and will relax your mind. Meditation is also always helpful to avoid negative things.
  • You should befriend positive thinking people and avoid people having negative thoughts. This will help you to think positive when you are in negative mindset. Talk to positive thinking people to solve your problems.
  • If living situation becomes unbearable, there is always some way to get out of it. Take responsibility and think that you can change and tackle the difficult situation.
  • You must think about the mistakes you have done. Accept those mistakes openly and try not to do them again. It will decrease the stress arose due to the mistake. Do not think that somebody else is responsible for your mistake.
  • You should avoid unhealthy arguments with anybody as this can lead to negative thoughts in your mind.
  • While talking, use positive words. Do not say “I cannot”. Convince yourself that you can do it. Believe in yourself that you will surely succeed.
  • Relax and let the things happen.
  • You should join parties, marriages, and family gathering with friends and relatives to decrease stress.
  • Always repeat positive phrases to yourself that I am worthy of love and deserve to be happy.

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If an individual follows these few points then it will help him to change the negative attitude and he will start thinking positive.

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