What is simulation method of training and development?

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The simulation method of training and management development is steadily gaining popularity. It forms a part of laboratory training aimed at increasing performance in a recreated environment.

In this method, instead of taking participants to the field, the situation is simulated in the training session itself. It creates a whole organization, relates participants through key roles in it, and lets them deal with various situations they could encounter in real life.

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There are two common simulation methods of training: 

  • Case Study Method: This is widely oriented development technique in medicine, law and business schools. This method involves the examination of a series of event or problem or opportunity that must be identified and solved through a strategic decision. It gives an opportunity to the trainee to apply concepts, principles, and theories of the management. It also helps improve analytical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities of a trainee.
  • Incident Method: This method is the same as the case study method except that the trainee is given only an outline of a particular incident. They cannot question the trainer and find a resolution with the given information. The trainer will reveal the complete information towards the end of the tasks and the trainees will have to compare it with their answer.

Types of Incident Methods:

  • Role Playing: It is a development technique that requires the trainee to assume a role, character or function of another in a given situation and behave as per that role.
  • Programmed Group Exercise: This is a hybrid technique that incorporates elements of the case study, multiple role-playing, programmed instruction and sensitive training.
  • Task Method: A group of trainees is assigned the task of constructing of a complex but an easy-to-build physical object.
  • The In-basket Technique: This is behavioral experiences learning method; It involves short-term assignment.
  • Business games: These are the computer-based business games to do with labor/management negotiation.
  • Assessment Centers: It is not a particular physical location rather involves various group activities in which a number of candidates participate. It is also called multiple method group selection technique. Areas that need development in an employee can be identified and is also used for selecting managers.
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