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Planning to Watch Thugs of Hindostan? Here are the Reasons Why You Should NOT Go For It?

Before I hit your question with an answer. Let me clarify certain things. I am not an Aamir hater. In fact, he is one of my favorite actors across the globe. However, above all, I am a good content fan and I am sure many of you also fall in the same category.

Second, I don’t

Now, let’s start the main course

  • A Poor Copy of Carribean

The first thing take struck me after watching the trailer of Thugs of Hindostan is its look and feel, which frankly speaking was as per the expectations already built before its trailer. The film seems to be a complete copy of Pirates of Caribbean. Its characters and even their looks quite match with the Hollywood blockbuster. Check out these pictures:

Moreover, the makers of Thugs of Hindostan did not even bother to be a little creative and bring some freshness to the action sequences.

Even the tile of the film is clear-cut copied from the Johny Depp starrer hit. Just look at it:

  • The Director-Vijay Ganesh Acharya

We all know what potential this guy has. Did you watch Tashan? Well, if yes then I salute your patience. If not then I call you lucky enough who have not tolerated the torture. His last directorial venture Dhoom 3 was also not up to the mark, especially to the reference of the script, which had end number of loopholes. For instance, in a film based on robberies if you don’t show how it has been done then what impact will it ever make on the audience.

  • Poor VFX

If you have noticed, TOH doesn’t offer any visual treat. Forget about Bahubali film, this film doesn’t even match its cartoon version kids watch on Colors. Moreover, whatever a handful of scenes, which might impress a nuisance movie buff, can be easily traced their origin from Pirates of Caribbean. 

  • Historical Inaccuracies

I don’t know you know it or not, but let me inform you that TOH is apparently inspired by a book named ‘Confession of A Thug’ penned by Phillip Meadows Taylor in 1839. The book talks about a bunch of deceivers otherwise known as Thugs but this YRF creation is a way behind to match the book. Here are the reasons:

The Thugs mentioned in the book were not pirates. They used to kill travelers for money and their valuables.

In the book or even in the period, there was no such badass girl who can shoot arrows like Bahubali.

The trailer of TOH gives us the glimpses of sea fires which confuse me about the geographical locations of Thugs. Which part of the country did they use to belong?

Katrina Kaif

The Chikni Chameli of Hindostan has been roped in TOH only to fill up the glamor quotient its seems because in the more than three minutes 

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