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OMG! This 10 Year Girl Turned Down The Job Offer from Google

Believe it or not, but this is true. On one hand, people leave no stone unturned to get a job in the IT giant Google, there are people on the other hand, do not care at all. Similar is the story of Samaira Mehta who turned down a big job offer from Google because she didn’t want to work. Her dreams are big and she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Google wanted her to be its part once she finishes her college but she refused. 

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She created a board game named ‘Coder Bunnies’, which teaches kids coding. She has done more than 60 workshops in which above 2000 kids participated. Moreover, she has won a prize in Think Tank Learnings Pitchfest in 2016. She gives away one part of her income to orphans through charity.

This prize was worth $2,500. She also received the first “real life Powerpuff girls” prize from Cartoon Network. Meeting Google’s Chief Culture Officer, Stacy Sullivan, was probably the best highlights in her journey when the young prodigy conducted a workshop for the tech giant.

“After my back-to-back workshops at Google headquarters, we talked for an hour. She told me I was doing great and once I get out of college, I can come work for Google,” She says.

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