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How do I prepare for the IIT-JAM biotechnology?

Don’t waste your time by getting worried, play smart and follow the sure shots approach. 

While preparing for IIT JAM Exam, you can also appear in JEST, JNU, BHU, BINC Exams. All these exams can be your alternative career options. 

Hard work alone is not sufficient to get success. You also need to do smart work with it.

To get a good rank in IIT JAM Biotechnology, you will need to study all the Biotechnology topics thoroughly from basics to advance.

Aspirants need to make a schedule that incorporates solving problems, practice through test papers, analyzing problems, making notes and relaxation. A strict schedule must be followed by aspirants to get succeed.

Solve IIT JAM Question Papers. It’s helpful for understanding the exam pattern in a better way. You will also get a fair idea about the difficulty level of JAM Exam.

Group study works. Studying together in a group helps to learn faster than studying alone. In group study instead of spending time confusing over the difficulty, you can solve your problem by just asking a question with your friends.


 Writing down your goals makes them twice as likely to come true.

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