Women feel comfortable in sarees or suits?

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The style is the reflection of your personality and attitude. The skin can’t compromise on fabric during harsh weathers which are mostly seen in the tropical regions of India. And to beat the furious wave of the sun in summers, the women in the tropical regions of India prefer to wear sarees. Not every woman wears saree but it's up to their own comfort level.

Mainly, there are two components that form the regular Indian women clothing:

1- Sarees

2- Salwar suits

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It is just the matter of personal preference. A saree is most certainly not a fuss-free garment. Some ladies prefer sarees as they feel comfortable in that. And it depends on the material as well. Silk sarees are the unparalleled assets of any women’s wardrobe that never fades as time ticks on. These sarees have unmatched grace, elegance, royal reflection and toilsome hard work. Many types of sarees are available like banarsi silk saree, Kanjeevaram silk sarees, etc.

If you can carry an evening gown, well then I am sure you can carry a saree too. Not only it is good for formal occasions, the saree is comfortable enough for you to get through the day and even some women claim that they can run in sarees as well. The comfort level depends on the occasion as well as the person who wears it. For working women, saree is not a comfortable option. Instead, the suit will be comfortable for such women. Salwar kameez are easier to carry on if you are traveling for an occasion. Whereas sarees can be a much better option if there is not much traveling involved.

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A working woman surely prefers salwar suits over sarees because suits are easy to handle while saree needs much practice to wear and maintain. But when it comes to a party, it's a dream of women to get a designer saree and show off to her friends. The traditional look enhances their charm and elegance to a next level. But at the end, it's all about women choose to wear a saree or a suit depending upon their age, mood, and physic that whether to go with saree or salwar suit.

A saree is an attire worn by women of all faiths all across the subcontinent- India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal. It is not restricted to any faith, society or color. It has to be edited a bit when it comes to Islam. Islam gives permission to wear saree provided the law of wearing clothes in Islam is not violated.

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