Why is caste being considered still as an important factor in the youth of India?

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In a progressing country like India, Caste is still being considered as an important factor by the youth of this country. This is because of the "Reservation System" which is deep-rooted and finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India. 

Indian citizens stand divided into different sections of the society like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Backward class, Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe etc., This has lead to discrimination and conflicts between youth because the government policy makes it mandatory that 49.5% of the government jobs and admissions to universities must be from the reserved categories. Only the remaining 50.5% is in the open category. 

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Apart from this every state government has its own reservation policy.

Today when a young graduate applies for a government job, he has to fill in the questions like  ‘Are you SC/ST or OBC or General Category?’, if yes, attach the certificate which will issue an easy gate pass to the much aspired Government Job. Even a merit student has to fight these reservation policies if he wants a seat in a good university.

While the youth who does not come under the reservation categories, question the reservation system, and those who come under reservation categories enjoy the benefits. What ever it is, still caste is being considered as an important factor by the youth in India.

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