Why is a college degree useless?

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Well ... that's what the degree holders are thinking with the ever increasing cost of college fee and job scarcity. Adding to this is the high rise in entrepreneurship online which does not require graduation, it all requires business acumen to earn money. 

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There are multiple reasons why a college degree is regarded as useless.

  • Graduation does not guarantee improvement in critical thinking skills. It is seen that people without formal education are more street smart and think logically than so-called graduates. Education sometimes limits the person to bookish knowledge. Even the employers are looking out for the workforce who have the required skills to excel in their jobs, not bothering about whether they have completed their degree or not. Google, for example, doesn’t care if potential hires have a college degree.
  • Self-study is proving better for many people. Many of the rich persons all over the world are college dropouts and it is proved many times that they are doing more than fine, bucking the stereotype. It is noticed that many young men and women without college degrees are landing in high paying skilled jobs than their graduate peers.
  • Proportionate to the increase in tuition fee of the colleges, there is no equal rise in earnings after completing the graduation. This is discouraging people and they are getting discouraged to waste and money on completing the graduation which does not guarantee prospective earnings.
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