Why “evil eye” is considered as the cause of misfortune?

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The evil eye is believed to be a kind of human look that's designed to cause harm to someone or something just by looking or staring. It’s just a dirty look which might turn your world to misfortune. Another world for evil eye is supernatural harm. This is a magical curse believed for illness, harm or death.

Answer ImageIt can turn you down, making you insecure and upset. This curse basically comes from people who are visually jealous of you, your health, wealth and harmony. The person who brings the curse is believed as volunteer of jealousy and envy. This invisible curse can lead you to insomnia, fatigue, diarrhoea, depression, headache, mood swings and sometimes death.

Evil Eye Effect and Symptoms:

Jealousy and envy can light the fire of anyone who doesn’t want you to grow and bright. Basically, these evil eye persons are those who are always jealous of someone or something which they can’t attain easily. But the basic sufferers are children. Small children are pure from heart and centre of attraction among their neighbour and family. The Negative affluence could stealth deep down your soul. The symptoms can be seen in three forms: physically, mentally and the most unpredicted are circumstantial.

  • The primary stage is concerned with the physical/emotional. The symptoms of a primary stage are a weakness, mood swings, infections, diseases, upset stomach and fever. 
  • Secondary stage, the symptoms are likely to be mental i.e. depression, helpless, false belief, feeling down or low and sometimes illusions or bad dreams.
  • Third stage is an ominous one, when danger knocks the door, the circumstantial conditions, where the person suffer from wealth losses, repeated failure, theft, accidents and deaths.

Protection and Cures:

The Evil eye can be avoided on the very first sight. Every culture, religion and geographic region suffer these flaws. That why they also have the cures and protection. Few cultures believe with stone, few with smoke, some with natural and vegetables. Ways may vary but results are same and unique. Amulets are the blue colour eye symbol painted on the stone that used to absorb all and reflect back. Few use the charms, spells and holy water. Some people do it with “garlic”. The Mexicans do it with the raw eggs. Forms may differ but results remain the same.

Scientific Explanation to the Evil Eye:

There is no explanation in the science for an evil eye. Thought the different culture around the world believes in it. This it is a mystery that different culture with different following believes in the same thought. Science doesn’t believe in friction nor do they deny the facts. The superstition and their practices believers believe it all around the globe. While science is just following the friction as stupidity, by the stone heart they too believe this exists but with no explanation and research, there is no Science.


We are in 21st century where there is no role of ancient belief. All is the matured brains and resembled facts. People won’t believe if they can’t see it. Well, the facts are still mysterious acts whether they exists or not. But the daily circumstances and practices show it does.

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