Why do kids do strange things?

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It is very common for parents to worry about kids, whether their child is good or bad and whether they are good parents when their kids do some strange things. These kids also embarrass parents by behaving strangely when somebody visits home, or when we go to somebody's home.

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But not to worry!! It is absolutely normal behavior if children act strangely sometimes. Let us just analyze the reason. 

  • Children enjoy the attention they get when they behave strangely. That’s why kids steal cookies and try to stay up late. 
  • Kids hit a younger sibling to show their parents that they also want attention.  It is an easy and clear way of communication that they are feeling left out of the family or missing the cuddling from mummy.
  • Kids sometimes behave stubbornly as a reaction to their own emotions. A child who lies in bed crying is just trying to manage his own fear, anger, or loneliness. Don't think they are being manipulative to get what they want.

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If parents can understand these behavioral outbursts of their children with patience, they can find the key to adjust to the child’s life and environment, and ultimately minimize the occurrence of such problematic behavior.

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