Why do blind people wear glasses?

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There are several reasons for wearing dark glasses by blind people. Some of the reasons are given below:

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  • It notifies others at a distance, crowded places, public places that he/she has no vision. In addition to glasses, they also carry a white cane.
  • Some people lose vision due to injuries and eyes are disfigured. They like to keep their eyes hidden from people around.
  • They wear glasses to protect their eyes from physical dangers such as hanging branches, doors, and windows of the house. Glasses help them shield against such physical hazards.
  • They wear dark glasses to block harmful ultra-violet radiation and bring down the intensity of ambient light. Prolonged exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause inflammation of the cornea, cataracts, or ocular cancer.
  • Most blind people are not totally blind. These people have a very small field of vision that enables them to see in a narrow zone. Special glasses help these people.
  • Several blind people wear dark glasses for beauty and looking smart because they are embarrassed for the physical look of their eyes.
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