Why did YouTube introduce non-skippable ads to all creators?

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YouTube has introduced non-skippable advertisements on their videos. Users previously had an option to skip these ads after five seconds of viewing. Now they have introduced non-skippable ads which have to be viewed completely.

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Why Non-Skippable ads?

  • When you are not allowed to skip, people have to pay attention to YouTube ads. Market research says that if you show 15-20 seconds ad, the viewership is 84% more than on TV. So, it is far more beneficial to the advertisers to reach the audience through YouTube videos than any other media.
  • YouTube is more popular among the Millennial kids, who get influenced quickly rather than the TV audience whose range is wider. As younger generations skip ads, it's important that brands convey a memorable marketing message in the first few seconds of the ad. The brands should produce ads which convey the complete message in a crisp and short form to grab their attention.
  • The viewership of  TV with its numerous channels is definitely more, but a short and quick message on YouTube is making more difference than the elaborate ad on Television. YouTube sends out the message quickly. Introduction of non-skippable ads can entice the users to watch the complete advertisement without skipping. 

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But the most popular complaint about these non-skippable ads is that they are blocking the user-friendly experience which is the salient feature of YouTube. Initially, they introduced limited non-skippable ads to a few selected creators, but now they are rolling out these ads to many more. They have further applied this to past videos that previously ran skippable ads. 

Get ready to see the ‘Skip Ad’ button on YouTube less often from now on 😄😄😄

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