Why are superstitions so prevalent in India?


India is a country of vast diversities. The belief systems also change across religions and castes. I think the great Indian culture of obeying and not questioning the elders has a big hand in superstitions that are prevailing in India. One more thing in Indians is, when it comes to superstitions, even the most educated and sensible persons also lack scientific temper and logical thinking. Many people follow superstitions out of habit without much thinking.

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There are many beliefs and practices in India that have not changed even with time. These fears and consequences of not following certain things are imbibed into our minds since childhood. In a country with 75% literacy rate, many people follow superstitions out of fear about consequences and pressure of obeying elders, ignoring the logic behind them. I can say Indians are conditioned to obey and take orders without much resistance. 

Many Indians follow superstitions defending that, "they are set for a scientific reason known to our ancestors”. I do not completely deny that, because India is a country of rich culture and heritage where many systems are set to help the common man who cannot think much and need a support system to run his life smoothly.  

But now, with the changing times and Globalization, we cannot stay behind with these strings attached. The Younger generation is not willing to take orders and are thinking rationally. It is a welcome sign of progress. 

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