Why are people addicted to command line interface in Linux OS?

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Command Line Interface means interacting with a computer program in which user issues commands to the program in the form of command-lines. Computer program is a collection of instructions which perform a specific task and requires programs to function. It was the primary means of interaction with majority of computer system on computer terminals in the mid-1960s.  Computer terminal is an electromechanical hardware device which is used for entering data into a computing system and also is used for displaying data from computer.

The CLI continued to be used on Open VMS, Unix systems and personal computer system including MS-DOS, CP/M and Apple DOS. Command-Line Interface (CLI) are commonly preferred by more advanced computer users as they are easier to automate. Compared to other systems CLI requires fewer system resources to implement.

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Linux OS:

Linux operating system is based on Unix that is installed on the personal computer, laptops, notebooks, videogames and many more. The main achievement of  the Linux in the consumer market is the mobile device market. Actually Linux was originally developed for personal computers. But because of dominance of Linux Kernel which is based on Android operating system on smartphones. Linux has the largest installed base, that is, a measure of number of units of a product or service.

In spite of usefulness of Linux operating system, Command Line Interface (CLI) is popular due to its simplicity with a wide range of options and can be entered more rapidly than other options. CLI’s are also popular among people with visual disability since the commands can be displayed using Refreshable Bacilli Displays.

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