Who is a Data Analyst? Define in brief.

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A Data Analyst is the person who collects the data and analyzes it and creates reports so that the Company can use the said data to improve their business practices. The main job of Data Analyst is to collect the figures, logistics, expenses, and market research and translate that information into plain English and submit to the decision making teams like Marketing Team, Operations Team, and Finance Team and help the companies to make better business decisions.

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Data Analysts need the following skills to optimize their performance.

  • Analytical Skills: To Analyze the voluminous data and arrive at the results
  • Communication Skills: To present their findings in an understandable format. 
  • Math Skills: Data analysts need math skills to estimate numerical data.
  • Critical Thinking: To analyze the numbers and data and arrive at correct conclusions.
  • Vigilance: Data Analysts should be vigilant in analyzing data. And they should have attention to detail to get precise conclusions.
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