What is the difference between toad and frog?

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Roaming around in a rainy season, especially after the dawn, you can easily spot a frog or a toad! But do you really know whose croaking is it? Or which one of these are actually in front of you? Can you actually differentiate between the two belonging to the same biological family?

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The following can be treated as the major differences:

  1. Frogs need to live near water to survive but same is not true for toads
  2. Frogs have moist and smooth skin, whereas toads have rough and dry skin.
  3. Frogs look slimy, but toads look bumpy
  4. Frogs have rounder and bulgier eyes compared to toads.
  5. The hind legs of frogs are longer compared to toads.
  6. Due to the difference in the hind legs, the frogs are capable of taking long and high jumps, and toads can only make small hops.
  7. Frogs are food for many creatures, however, toads taste bitter and burn the eyes and nostrils of their predators, hence are not food for many.
  8. Frogs prefer to jump but toads prefer to crawl (of course due to their hind legs).
  9. Toads have the capability of puffing up, when in danger, but frogs cannot do that.
  10. Frogs lay eggs in clusters, but toads lay in strands.
  11. Since toads do not need water to survive at all times, they are also found in gardens, and parks, but not frogs.
  12. Frogs and webbed and padded feet, but not toads. This is because frogs live in water for most times of their lives. 
  13. Usually, frogs are greener than toads.

Even though there are plenty of differences between frogs and toads, it must not be forgotten that frog is a parent biological family and technically toads are also frogs. Both of them are amphibians and share many resemblances, but then they are different too. 

So, next time when you spot one of them, make sure to ponder upon their hind legs, their way of jumping, and of course, if there is a water body nearby because that's how you will be able to differentiate. 

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