What is the best job search site?

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When it comes to job search this question often boggles the mind of job seekers and end up trying everything that comes their way. However, the strategic job search is what they need they come across that point in life. LinkedIn,,, etc., are a few major platforms where job aspirants often log in and dig up for a geek. However, not all of them get through the time they face and get frustrated and that is what keeps that even away from their preferred job.

Although, it all depends on your profile and opportunities that a certain platform can fetch a fortune for you or not. Here are some of them:

Linked In

Very renowned and the most trustful platform where HRs, Mangers post their vacancies and get the suitable candidate in no time. Therefore, to grab the bite instantly you must be in touch with the latest vacancies companies and concerned persons post on their profiles. You can add them or start following the company pages.

Another influential platform to get you the desired job. Simply, create your profile out there and start getting calls from organizations. However, you must ensure that your profile is detailed and the information, contact info in particular, must be accurate. Besides, you can also go for its premium version by paying a certain amount and get better assistance from this job portal.

This platform has also been emerged as a tough competitor for the rest. Create your profile and you are all set to rock. You must provide all the relevant information to get the maximum out of this portal. Recently, they have update their entire UI that has made it even more sharper in terms of fetching you results and hassle-free for the use.

Other Platforms

Relatively a new platform, you can try this as well. However, there are complaints against this website that people hardly get any response from this website.


Another new online platform, TimesJob is a renowned name from the band of Times Group. However, being new in the league, it will take time to establish itself and deliver.

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