What cigarettes are the best and strongest?

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The strongest cigarettes mean the cigarettes which have the highest amount of tar and nicotine present in them. Marlboro is available almost everywhere. This was made by the company Philip Morris, which is the largest selling cigarettes company of the present world. These cigarettes were introduced for women, it had a red filter to hide lipstick but however, it gained its selling among men as well. 

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Having strong nicotine yet with a smooth flavor, it became different from other cigarettes. Marlboro is one of the best cigarettes in its class which gives the great "head change" effect, it has more length and contains more tobacco which quite obviously produces the head change effect. Its size can be determined by the number beside it, example Marlboro Red's 100's.


This one is the best cigarette in luxurious cigarette brands; despite from others what makes it unique is its taste and style. Davidoff has a different range of cigars and cigarettes. Its cigarettes are mostly like in the variety of classic, mild, ultralights, gold etc. Once you go for Davidoff, it is difficult to take other cigarettes.


This brand is available all over the world and has a price greater than the other cigarettes. They have different categories and varieties which contain different levels of nicotine and tar. It comes with a switch of a mint bubble in the filter, which has a unique taste of mint. It is preferably loved by the people for its unique smell and flavor.

Camel 99:

Another cigarette in the range is the camel 99’s; this is also one of the strongest cigarettes in its class. Camel is an American brand of cigarette which comes with the concept of Pre-rolled tobacco. They have their own flavor of Turkish tobacco; the packaging is also very decent for the buyers to attract. It is quite rich in tar and nicotine from the other cigarettes and costs less as compared to other cigarettes.

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