What are the top mind-bending theories of the Universe?

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The Universe is a very diverse and mysterious place. There are many mind-boggling theories about the Universe, that our human brains cannot even wrap themselves around those facts.

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Let us discuss some profound workings of the Universe which are connected with the very existence of life.  Let me tell you if you try to understand these wonderful theories, your whole outlook on life may change !!!

Big Freeze:

This is the theory which is believed to be the final state that our Universe is heading towards. According to this theory, the Universe has a limited supply of energy, which is generated due to the motion of particles. Gradually we are running out of this energy, which may lead the universe to devolve into a frozen state. The theory says that eventually, the particle motion in the Universe will slow down, which leads to a reduction in thermal energy.  Once this energy is completely finished, the entire world will turn into a frozen state.


The theory of Idealism is put forward by George Berkeley, who says that everything in the Universe exists as an Idea in someone's mind. This theory has received much criticism by the contemporaries of Berkley. But according to Berkley, there is this supreme power, God above everybody who is Omnipotent and Omnipresent and can see everything simultaneously.

Plato's theory:

Plato is one of the world’s most famous philosophers. His theory says that beyond our perceived reality, there lies a world of “perfect” forms. He says that everything we see is just an imitation of the perfect reality. This theory is still not understood by many scholars and scientists.

Apart from this, he has put forward one more theory that, everything is made up of a single substance. From the stars to the sky, and the earth consists of the same basic material, which is proved by a large extent with the discovery of Atoms and Molecules.

The Multiverse Theory:

This theory propounds that there is more than one Universe. In fact, they say there is an infinite number of Parallel Universes which are similar to our world. There may be many or few differences, but there exist their alternate realities. This Multiverse theory speculates that in a parallel reality, you may be living in a parallel universe with another body and another life, simultaneously.


This is one more mind-bending theory that madly believes in perception. The Phenomena - list philosophers believe that objects exist only because of the phenomenon of consciousness. When we don't look at the thing, they simply disappear. Again when you look for the object they appear before you. 

There is no existence of physical objects without perception; This is the basis on which this theory is developed.

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