What are the best government jobs for women?

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Women are doing well in every field. In the Business world, one-third of entrepreneurs are women. Whatever may be the status of women in society, she is the natural homemaker. Many women give priority to their family and sacrifice their career and growth for the sake of children and family.

Women need better work-life balance because a woman considers herself successful only when she can handle her job and home equally well. Many women prefer to leave their jobs whenever they feel they are not getting enough time to take care of their kids and family. 

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Government jobs offer a lot of flexibility in terms of leaves and timings. Many women prefer Grade II and Grade III government jobs, where you have less responsibility and more flexibility. There is no doubt that women can serve in any capacity and they can do it better than men at any point in time. 

In this article, I am not talking about UPSC cadres like IAS, IPS, and IFS where we have many successful women. We are discussing women who are not very ambitious about career but like to work to keep themselves financially independent and support their family. 

Government is providing Special Provisions for Women to encourage women employment in the public sector with some relaxations in age and application fee. Public sector jobs help women to have a better work-life balance with extraordinary leaves and maternity leave. Moreover, they offer equal growth opportunity to grow based on time-bound promotions.

Here I am enlisting some of the best government jobs for women in India:

  • Bank clerical and PO positions - Banks are supposed to be the best jobs for women. They have fixed hours of work with a fixed salary and many banks give post-retirement pension.
  • Indian Railways - They are the world's largest organization. They have regular recruitment and every year there will be thousands of openings for clerical cadre. They not only offer a good salary, job security but also many other benefits.
  • Staff Selection Commission - The eligibility for SSC is graduation. They recruit for different state and central government departments. They offer a good salary, a regular hike in the salary and post-retirement benefits.
  • Teaching - Teachers, Junior lecturers, and professors are considered as one of the best and noble professions in India. Women will have regular timings, plus summer vacation and other holidays to spend time with their kids.

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