Is religion Jainism older than Hinduism?

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Many historians have challenged Jainism was an offspring of Buddhism or Hinduism. However, Jainism is without any doubt older than Hinduism. Jainism is another indigenous Indian religion.

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 ‘’ The Ancient Hindu Buddhist source quoted Jaisim as being much primitive than either one ‘’

Jainism is one of the world's oldest religion and that originated in India. It doesn't believe in a Creator or God, but it does worship many God's who are self-realized or who have accomplished enlightenment. It is often quoted as Jain Dharma. Jains consider that there are 24 great people that have communicated perfection in the present cycle of the universe. They call these saints ‘’ Tirthankaras’’ Which means ‘’ crossing makes ‘’ or ‘’ford finder ‘’.

The founder of the Jainism is MAHAVIR linked between 599 and 527 BCE was born into Kshatriya caste. 

Mahavir was Wealthy, still, he joined ascetic at age of 29 and achieved MOKSHA. He also accomplished highest spiritual knowledge called Kevala Gnava. The supporters of Jainism believe that its origins within India are even older than Brahmanism and Hinduism, which they believe developed with people ( The Aryans ) emigrating from other parts of world near Caspian sea 


Hindu do not acknowledge even single scripture of Jains. The sacred books of Hindu like Vedas, Smritis, Puranas etc are not believed by Jains

Origin of the world

Jains honor the world as internal. Hindus holds it to have been composed by the creator.

Objects of worship:

In Jainism, worship is not offered to an eternal and eternally divine God. In Hinduism, devotions are performed of many forms of one God.

Purpose of worship:

In Jainism, there is no sacrifice of food, nor prayers offered. On other hands, in Hinduism, the accomplishment of the desired object is by some divine beings.

Path of salvation:

In Jainism, the way of salvation prescribed in Ratnatraya Marga.

In Hinduism, there is a various concept like Dharma, Adharma, Lesya, Gunasthana.

Nonviolence and compassion in the Jain script : 

  • Ahimsa - Dashvaikalika sutra 

  • Yoga Sutra 

Five vows of Jainism:

  1. Ahimsa  ( non-violence )

  2.  Satya ( truthfulness )

  3. Asteya  ( harmless   )

  4. Brahmacharya .

  5. Aparigraha.

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