How will you dress for your first date if you only have five minutes to get ready?

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We girls, believe five minutes are way too less to get ready for a date. But, we ought to know that all of us are already pretty. All we need is to carry ourselves with sheer confidence. Instead of wasting our time on make ups, makeovers and other sorts of styling, we can be simple, yet elegant in small ways.

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 Let me tell you, we girls have some amazing "beauty weapons" in our armories, namely Kajal, Lip Gloss, Deodorants/Perfumes. Putting on a Kajal not only makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful, but also, makes you look smoking hot. Lip glosses make your lips shine, and you become more desirable and wanted. No one can deny the fact that if you smell good, you already have won the race. The icing on the cake would be an adorable dress, with sexy stilettos and a handbag, to make you feel like a lady. 

And needless to say, feel beautiful in your own way.


Well, firstly going on date has got nothing to do with impressing the guy. Its more about how you can carry yourself. I feel even if you have five minutes to add that charm it doesn't take any longer. I have myself experienced this on my first date. 
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All I did was just grabbed a nice lip shade and ran quickly as he was waiting for me. I was looking the worst that day because that's not how I usually dress up. At the end of the date, I rather got a compliment that I am so confident with whatever I do. I think that's the first thing that should be added to every girl's list. Next, every girl needs comfort first. What I feel is you should opt for a nice shirt and denim to go with a very minimal makeup and not too loud. Always remember, the simpler it is, the fewer questions are asked.

The first date is usually considered as a very important part of one’s life.People usually have a lot of expectation from their first date and dressing up is a major part of it.So coming up to the point where one has very less time to get ready for their first date then just pick up the best dress you have and a very light makeup which could be lipstick, Kajal, and eye liner.

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.Go with the flow of simplicity and you’ll get the best compliment.Natural beauty is what comes up in less time.Your partner would be more than happy and impressed to see how well you managed to be perfect in so less time.

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