How will the upcoming smart phones likely to look like?


The smartphone world is taking a big leap now. Biggies like Apple and Samsung are rigorously into creating something out of the box; therefore, it can be underlined that Apple’s wireless earphones and Samsung Note’s digital pen were one of the parts of the change in the past. Now, they are planning to go even more creative and tech-savvy. Let’s find out:

Foldable Screen

The Korean smartphone giant Samsung is working on a phone, which can be foldable. Although, it’s at the prototype stage at the moment; however, you will see such phones in the hands of people in the coming time. The interesting part is once you unfold it, it will be even bigger than 9 inches. Such a phone will have two screens; besides the main screen, there will be a small display where the user can see notifications.

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Cylindrical Smartphone

Researchers of Canada University have made a special smartphone, which is cylindrical. It has two screens that run with the scroll located in both the sides. You can use it as a tablet by rotating it vertically. You can also make calls through it. Although, due to its different size, it’s a little difficult to handle it but people are still liking it.

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Transparent Smartphone

Siungane Song is working on a phone, which is completely transparent. Although, it will not have features like a common smartphone; however, it would be a very light-weight phone and will give you weather updates on the go. You can also have contact and calling facility. The best part is that due to its light-weight, it will not be much damaged even if it slips from your palm.

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