How to teach children the value of time?

  • Encourage them to wake up early. 
  • If they are enough grown up, you can ask them to do their morning chores like brushing the teeth, take bath and breakfast, etc. 
  • Don't be available for each tiny thing they ask for. 
  • Once they are back from school, tell them to keep their stuff in an order. 
  • Ask them to get their homework done. 

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  • Never do their homework on their part. Help them if they require. 
  • Fix a time to sleep, watch tv or play.
  • Give them some educational activities to complete along with a timeline.
  • Reward them if they complete within the mentioned time period. 
  • Never let them ruin their holidays, especially summer vacations.
  • Get them join some hobby classes, summer camp, etc.
  • If you run a business, cash in on these holidays to teach them the nuances.    
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