How do we celebrate Dhanteras?


Diwali, the glittering Festival of Lights is the most popular Indian Festival. This festival of lights and crackers is celebrated beyond cultures and religions across India and by Indians across the globe with great joy and colors.

Diwali is a five-day long festival, which usually falls in the months of Oct and Nov. During the five-day long festival the first day is celebrated as Dhanteras. The second day is called Narak Chaturdashi, and third is celebrated on the new moon day as DIWALI, the fourth day is celebrated as Govardhan pooja and the fifth day as Bhai Dooj. 

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Dhanteras (Dhana Triodasi):

This falls on the 13th day of Krishna paksha (before new moon) in Aswin month. This is the first day of five day Diwali festival and it marks the official beginning of the Diwali festivities. This day is considered very auspicious and people buy something for home, especially gold, silver, ornaments, utensils etc., This day is of great importance in many parts of India as people worship Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Kuber(the Hindu god of riches) in the evening and welcome Goddess Lakshmi to their homes to shower them with Wealth and Prosperity. 

From today itself, people start lighting lamps in clay Diyas outside their homes.  

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