How can one differentiate between real and fake news?

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In old days, when T.V. media was not available in India, people used to depend on Radio news or print media news. Most of the news was considered to be true. In 1965, the war between India and Pakistan happened, Pakistan started giving fake war news in radio which was later called Radio Jhootistan news in India.

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Nowadays, every TV news anchor tries to make news interesting by adding fake matters. Here in India, people do not want to go in depth of the news and believe it to be true. Some news channel are linked with political parties and giving fake news to promote political parties. 

At election time, several news channels support different political parties to promote in the election. The fake news provided by the news channels also disturb the law and order situation. The news channels also provide fake news about a movie to promote some other movies. Fake news is creating humbug. Therefore, the people of our country do not trust 100% news given by the media.

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For example, the latest news about a new movie Padmavati. Although the story of the Padmavati which is written by Malik Mohammad Jaisii. Padmavati becomes the most discussed woman in India for the sake of Gujarat elections. 

In short, Aladdin Khilji became emperor in 1296 and there is no disclosure  in history about Rani Padmavati. In recent times, several kings have many wives such but in T.V., news channels, and print media are not giving facts. So this is the latest example of fake news.

To find out real news one should see

  • Who wrote it whether the writer is reliable or not.
  • Who published it whether published by trust worthing media or not.
  • Fake news has strong emotions and not news.

If a person follows these instructions, he can easily differentiate between real and fake news.

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