Being a marketer, why should I join Instagram since I know that I would hardly get any traffic to my website from there?


Before I answer your question, let’s have a look at these statics:

According to a recent update, the number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018 had reached 1 billion users, up from 800 million in September 2ß17. Now, I am sure it is clear to you that this app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide.

As far as your query of getting traffic is concerned, it’s not completely true that you can’t get traffic from this photo-sharing app. Letting you through what I have experienced that there are two ways to get traffic from Instagram. (1.) Directly (2.) Indirectly

1. Directly

When you create an account on Instagram, it asks you to give the name of your brand and that’s where you can add the name of your website URL. The best part is this is the only place where this app allows clickable link and marketers and brands utilize it fully.

How Would You Get Traffic?

After creating the account whenever you post something, Instagram users will come across your post and if they get interested in your product and services most likely they will check out your profile where you have mentioned the URL. Since you can’t add all the information about your product or services the user will be compelled to click on the URL of your website and will be directed there. As simple as that.

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2. Indirect

Well, this is slightly tricky. What my experience says that you, first of all, build your follower base by sharing helpful information for the users. This will surely create a likable image among the masses and they would surely visit your website.

Another way that I have tried is to always stimulate the users' senses through your posts. For instance, whenever you create a post ensure that it should evoke their interest. Add some catchy caption to the posts e.g. ‘Do you Know’, Warning!, Exclusive, Breaking News, Latest Updates, Announcement, etc. You can form as per what your posts consist of.

Once you catch their attention, give the info, which only spurs their curiosity rather than full details in the post and mention that for the detailed info please hit Eventually, the users will have to hit your website.

Remember, Instagram is not meant for getting direct traffic like Facebook, Linked, Twitter, etc but by building your brand there, you can redirect traffic. This is best for brand promotion.

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