Which are the biggest banks in the world?

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We are going through a period with a lot of changes in all aspects, especially because of the financial and economic crisis that has shaken everyone in recent years. The crisis that has caused enough changes in the ranking of richer and big banks of the world. This has also been influenced by mergers between different entities that have made the scenario of the richest banks in the last 2-3 years.

The usual dominance of US banks has been displaced by the boom of an increasingly powerful Chinese economy, which has already become the second largest economic power in the world. Thus, the dominant position of US financial institutions has now been replaced by a dominance of the large Chinese banks that occupy the first places. In fact, right now the four largest banks in the world by capital are Chinese (and in total 5 of the 10 come from the Asian giant).

Thus, US entities, also affected by all the blows of corruption and financial scandals, have seen in just 10 years have gone from having 6 to only 3 in this ranking of the 10 most powerful countries in the world. Here we will discuss about five biggest banks.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:Answer Image

The Chinese bank has become the largest bank in the world with a total capital of 170 trillion dollars. It also has more than 381,000 employees spread around the world. Recently, this bank has opened its first branch in Spain, precisely in Madrid.

China Construction Bank:Answer Image

It has a capital of 130 billion dollars and more than 291,000 employees. In addition, its growth is unstoppable as evidenced by the fact that it already owns 16.6% of Bank of America. In addition, they continue to enter into collaboration agreements with other important entities, such as Banco Santander

Bank of China:Answer Image

With the growth in just three years, it has gone from 20th position to the third position of the richest banks. It already has a capital of $ 120 billion.


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The London-based Hong Kong and the Shanghai-based corporation are one of the world's largest banks and the second largest in the world. However, the push of the Bank of China has put a place in this ranking, with a capital of 70 trillion dollars. It also has more than 312,000 employees.

JPMorgan Chase:Answer Image

The bank was formed by the merger of JP Morgan & Co. and Chase Manhattan has been one of the American entities that have suffered the financial crisis as it shows that it received 25 billion dollars from the rescue plan of the American government. In total it has a capital of 60 billion.

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