What do you mean by Shot, Scene & Sequence?

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These are the basic Video production terminology that helps you understand the process of producing videos. 


A "Shot" consists of a single take. This can be as short as a single frame or it can be several minutes long. Basically, a Shot is the rolling of camera continuously from start to cut. We can also say that a Shot does not depend on the length of the camera running, but rather the footage between two edits or cuts.  

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A scene can be composed of a single shot or multiple shots added. A Scene adds to the narration by summing up the shots, edited and run in particular sequence. Typically in the movies, you see the Dance Scenes, Action scenes, Dream scenes etc., which may not be necessarily shot in order, but cut and edited to make the scene complete. 

This division of scenes will be planned while preparing the production script and a scene will be divided into multiple shots and the shooting will be carried out according to the convenience and availability of the crew and cast. While doing the post-production work, these shots are arranged into a proper sequence to create the scene. 


A sequence is a combination of shots and scenes which form a distinct unit in the film or video, where the action continues or progresses along each of the scenes. Sequences form the structure of a film or video. 

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