Siddhartha, asked on 4th Jan, 2018

Is it normal to have severe headaches during pregnancy?

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An extreme headache in pregnancy can sometimes be a cautious sign that a pregnant woman and her baby are at the risk. Headaches during pregnancy are pretty normal, but it is not always simple to differentiate between a repeating, pre-existing migraine condition and a headache caused by a pregnancy issue. Headaches ... Read More
Shoba, asked on 19th Jan, 2018

What are the differences between holography and photography?

Answered on 19th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
Holography is a newer photographic technique.In conventional photography, a camera focuses the light reflected from an illuminated three-dimensional object and negative is made initially. Using the negative, a positive print is developed later. This positive print is the only two-dimensional view of a three-dimensional object.Founder of Holography-Based on this, Dennis ... Read More
Vandana, asked on 20th Jun, 2017

Is dark chocolate an effective stress reliever?

Answered on 19th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
If you're feeling stressed, and your mental state is not stable then the best way to release your stress and feel light is do the things that you love the most. Different people like this doing different things, some people like eating while some people like doing exercise but there ... Read More
Medha, asked on 24th May, 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages of allotting a separate room for babies right from the beginning?

Answered on 18th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
A new baby birth brings a lot of joy in the family. It’s like a new angle for whom the parents are praying for a period of nine months has finally arrived and parents have got a new motive of their life to live for. But this is also the time ... Read More
krishna, asked on 8th Jun, 2017

Is it right to believe that oxygen ages our body so as all the oxidants do and we live a life of average 70 years ?

Answered on 18th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
The current growth in the understanding of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in biology is making a medical revolt that guarantees a new age of health and disease managing. It is stinging that oxygen an element imperative for life under undeniable situations has unfavorable effects on the human ... Read More
Pooja, asked on 11th Jan, 2018

What does a food blogger need in order to establish himself?

Answered on 11th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
Food blogging is fun.This is what is thought by many of us when we go through certain pictures of lip-smacking food in Instagram with various hashtags such as food porn, food lover, insta-foodie,  food is love and so on.Struggle behind every success-We must not forget that no success comes easy. ... Read More
Faizan, asked on 1st Jan, 2018

What are the best places to visit in Lucknow?

Answered on 20th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
Lucknow is also known as the city of Nawabs and is full of beautiful and elegant places. There are so many historical monuments in Lucknow along with some very delicious Mughlai food to eat. Let’s have a look to some of the best places you can visit in Lucknow.Bara Imambara:The ... Read More
Om, asked on 18th Dec, 2017

What were the common foods in the Medieval Ages?

Answered on 19th Dec, 2017, 0 Views
The Middle Ages witnessed a different diet depending on the class of society to which an individual belonged. Rich people had a different diet than the poor people.Poor people fed themselves on barley or porridge. Bread was eaten by them too.But Rich people consumed those items which were a symbol ... Read More
Mohammad, asked on 10th Jan, 2018

What should be preferred post workout - carbs or proteins?

Answered on 20th Jan, 2018, 1 Views
When we go through our workout sessions (be it weight lifting or cardio) a lot of energy is consumed by our body. This energy is produced by burning the food we eat. Food has various nutrition available in a complex form which is broken with the help of catabolic reactions. ... Read More
Faizan, asked on 1st Jan, 2018

Who is the most popular actor in Hollywood and why?

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Hollywood is the most prestigious entertainment industry in the world. Whether it is about films or singing, Hollywood has aced it all. A lot of people has a dream to become a star of Hollywood, win those prestigious awards and live that luxurious life. Not everyone’s dreams turn into reality ... Read More
ravi, asked on 19th Jan, 2018

The Indian judiciary system has seen the "darkest hour" of its history, what made the senior judges of Supreme Court hold a press conference against the CJI?

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The recent incident of the senior-most judges of the Supreme Court holding a press conference raises many issues on the internal functioning of the judiciary system. In India, this highest institution is respected for its judgment. People after getting disappointment from every other court seek some relief from the Supreme Court ... Read More
Faizan, asked on 16th Dec, 2017

What is e-Way Bill and how to generate it?

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In the 22nd meeting of GST council, they decided that the e-way bill will be introduced under GST from 1st January 2018 and will be implemented from 1st April 2018. However, in the 24th council meeting, it was decided that the implementation of the bill will be proposed to 1st ... Read More
zainab, asked on 22nd Nov, 2017

When was the Mesopotamiam Civilization discovered?

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Mesopotamian civilization was founded in early 4th millennium BC in the middle east region of Asia. It started in the Lower Palaeolithic period, with the pictographic script in the Uruk period. The pictographic script was later written as the history of the Mesopotamia. It was a period where there were ... Read More
Aakangsha, asked 1d 13h ago

Which are the erotic zones in a female body that excite her?

Answered 8h 32m ago, 6 Views
It is a myth that females lack sexual hunger or do not demand physical affection. They rather do not express their wants the way our male fellow reveals. It may be due to the inherent patriarchal thought that they should not be doing so or due to the fear of ... Read More
Jaidev, asked on 9th Jul, 2017

Should mercy killing be legalized?

Answered on 18th Jan, 2018, 0 Views
Mercy Killing is nothing but killing the patient who is suffering from incurable disease.This also called Euthanasia, which means deliberately ending the life of a person to free someone from physical suffering. Euthanasia laws are different in each country.It is categorized in three ways which are Voluntary, Non Voluntary and ... Read More
Abhishek, asked on 11th Jan, 2018

What is mirage effect? Can you give me an example?

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It is quite a common view if you stay in Eastern countries that you see mirages under the hot scorching sun while driving on roads, especially during afternoons. You can find yourself to see a small pool of water on the road while there won’t be anything when you approach ... Read More
Om, asked 1d 9h ago

What is aquagenic utricaria or water allergy?

Answered 22h 33m ago, 2 Views
Aquagenic urticaria or water allergy is a rare condition in which you get a hives and rashes when you come in contact with water. This type of water allergy mostly affects the women as compared to men. This condition usually starts around the onset of puberty. It is a form ... Read More
Rati, asked on 18th Jan, 2018

What is adopted child syndrome and some effective ways to prevent it?

Dr. Pradeep
Answered 13h 21m ago, 0 Views
This serious condition that is a consequence of several emotional and psychological problems an adopted child faces. It consists of the characteristics that are solely related to their status i.e. adopted. A few of them are stealing habits, lack of attachment, lying, and violent behavior. Even the most successful personalities ... Read More
Kaus, asked on 24th Aug, 2017

How does reading books enhances our general knowledge?

Answered on 18th Jan, 2018, 2 Views
General knowledge is a valuable information about the social interests of a society, culture, general topics or a number of media platforms. There are different ways which will help you to enhance your general knowledge. Like reading books, subscribing to a newspaper, attending a seminar, using technology, watching TV, internet ... Read More
Shirjeel, asked 1d 10h ago

Who are the most horrifying sea monsters to ever terrorize the ocean?

Answered 10h 19m ago, 1 Views
The oceans are massive and so do their creatures. The size varies from the largest blue whale to smallest planktons. Oceans have everything in it to feed its inhabitants. As far as monsters residing in the oceans are considered, we consider blue whale as the largest. But, this giant is preceded ... Read More
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