Om, asked on 19th Feb, 2018

What is the easy way to make contacts in a school when you have taken new admission?

Answered 2h 26m ago, 0 Views
Either in a school or college, it is often hard to get adjusted quickly and to get friends or make some contacts with different people. Any new vicinity offers you some challenges like this. This is the time you should bear the patience and need to work on it.Be Stable:Keep ... Read More
Farha, asked 1d 7h ago

Can you suggest some tips for choosing hotel conference venues?

Answered 9h 40m ago, 0 Views
Five tips for choosing hotel conference venuesGot a huge event coming up where you’ll need to gather and accommodate people from different places? Opting to conduct the conference in a hotel would be a better idea since a hotel is easy to locate and your delegates can book an accommodation ... Read More
Suman, asked on 13th Feb, 2018

Why do people always advise you to cry after a tragedy so that you can somehow deal with it better?

Answered 40m 46s ago, 0 Views
Tragedies do happen in everyone’s life at some or other point of time. But the effect it has on our mind is really large. Many of us try to shut it down at some corner of our mind and try to get on with our daily life. This creates a ... Read More
Shankar, asked 59m 47s ago

Amazon can soon lessen the number of small inexpensive items you can order.

Answered 49m 57s ago, 0 Views
The e-commerce giant,, now seems to be getting entrapped into the margin-crushing war as it is going to offload costs onto suppliers and reducing the number of single, low-cost items buyers can purchase. The whole change is being made just to offset the blooming shipping costs.  In a major ... Read More
Maham, asked 1h 57m ago

Is Shami declared innocent in the case of match fixing?

Answered 1h 47m ago, 2 Views
Haseen Jahan, the wife of Mohammad Shami, accused her husband of match-fixing a week ago. BCCI investigated and proved that Shami is innocent. He had been accused of taking money from a Pakistani girl named Alishba but now he has got a clean chit.Haseen Jahan has also accused Shami of ... Read More
Prapoorna, asked on 16th Feb, 2018

What are the natural ways to remove unwanted facial hair for kids?

Answered 2h 56m ago, 0 Views
Nobody likes the unwanted hairs on their face, neither mommies nor kids. And of course, kids cannot do everything by themselves and that's why they have mommies. But, if this would have been a matter of any grown person, the answer would be little different. But here the case is ... Read More
Shoba, asked 3h 40m ago

Now you can add Hashtag and profile links to your Instagram bio.

Answered 3h 33m ago, 1 Views
A great news for all Instagram users as well as marketers! Yes, Instagram now allows its users to add Hashtags in their bio. Not only that, it also now accepts you profile links, which you can use to give as a reference to your other profiles on various platforms.This means ... Read More
Farha, asked 1d 7h ago

What are some signs to figure out you've nailed the interview?

Answered 9h 53m ago, 1 Views
6 Telltale Signs That You've Nailed The InterviewHow confident are you before, during, and after a job interview? Others may step into the interview room anxious, but leave with a beaming smile; while others enter and leave the other way around.If you leave the interview unsure about whether or not ... Read More
Swetha, asked 8h 5m ago

How to control silly fights and rivalry between siblings?

Answered 4h 23m ago, 1 Views
Siblings have rivalry and sometimes this can lead to silly fights between them. Parents must try to stop these fights but not the rivalry as this develops the skills of facing the world in the adulthood. Siblings fight if there is a disagreement on some issue and that becomes aggressive. ... Read More
Shoba, asked 6h 35m ago

What do you think is the main loop hole that led Atul Johri get the bail, despite having eight sexual harassment allegations against him?

Answered 6h 27m ago, 4 Views
The Delhi JNU professor Atul Johri got out on bail within two hours of arrest, while the Delhi police took five days to arrest him. This has put the whole nation in dismay, focusing on his high-influence. It is actually clearly seen that the Delhi Police couldn’t file a strong ... Read More
Swetha, asked on 28th Feb, 2018

Where can I find organic food at reasonable prices in Hyderabad?

Answered 6h 43m ago, 14 Views
Organic food has become a fad these days, mostly thanks to all the celebrities and big-wigs we follow! And for normal people like us to find pure organic food stores around is quite a hassle. But not to worry, I am sharing with you some of the well-known and good ... Read More
Trendistaan, asked 7h 3m ago

What is Facebook-Cambridge Analytica row all about? Should the users have to delete their FB accounts?

Answered 6h 53m ago, 1 Views
Due to the allegations of stealing the data of about 50 million Facebook users, CEO of Analytica received his suspension letter. He is charged with manipulating the users’ data for 2016 US Presidential Elections. A sting operation done by Britain’s Channel 4 News has revealed that Alexander Nix with an ... Read More
Prapoorna, asked on 3rd Nov, 2017

What are the tips to prevent Spondylitis especially while working on a computer?

Answered 1d 2h ago, 0 Views
Our body starts deteriorating with age and various problems start occurring if proper care is not taken. One of our body parts is spine which can deteriorate due to arthritis or other causes. The deterioration includes loss of water content in discs, bulge leading to structure difficulties and many others. Spondylo ... Read More
sairam, asked on 7th Mar, 2018

What are the best thing about most beloved TV show "CID"?

Answered 2d 3h ago, 0 Views
CID is a TV series having thrill, crime, comedy, investigation. The main characters of the series are:Shivaji Satam as ACP ParadyumanNarendra Gupta as Dr. SalunkheDayanand Shetty as DayaAditya Srivastav as AbhijeetDinesh Phadnis as FredricksThese are the five main characters who are in this series since its inception. Some other actors ... Read More
Om, asked on 27th Nov, 2017

What are the different types of printing presses?

Answered 7h 59m ago, 0 Views
Printing press is a device in which inked surface prints a desired content on a paper or cloth. Johannes Gutenberg invented printing press for printing purposes. Currently there are many types of printing press which are being used for printing. These are listed below.Offset lithographyFlexographyDigital printingGravureScreen printingOffset Lithography:This type of ... Read More
Shoba, asked 1d 1h ago

Why is Jadav Payeng alias Molai known as Forest Man?

Answered 1d 0h ago, 2 Views
Have you ever planted some trees? If Yes, How many?Hmm… might be some around 20?Fine then, for how many years did you do this?Sounds strange? But can you imagine a man doing this for as many as 36 years and growing a dense forest, that too out of a barren ... Read More
sairam, asked on 8th Mar, 2018

How to have a long-term relationship?

Answered 1d 1h ago, 9 Views
Love, the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love of a mother, father, siblings, partner or friends, all the different relationships has its different meaning of love. But all require the same factors to grow and maintain among people. Love is never enough for anybody and all wants more, after ... Read More
Trendistaan, asked 1d 1h ago

What SWOT analysis and how does it help organizations weigh their resources?

Answered 1d 1h ago, 1 Views
Widely referred as the essential part of varied business entities, SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT analysis is also used by nonprofit organizations and, to a little less degree, by individuals for their assessment. In addition to this, this analysis can also be used to assess products, ... Read More
Ankita, asked on 30th Jan, 2018

What is the recipe for Lachha Paratha? Why is it named so?

Answered 2d 1h ago, 0 Views
Lachha paratha is also known as lachedaar paratha and parat waala paratha in Punjabi. It is one of the popular dishes of North India. Whole wheat flour is used to make this paratha though maida and semolina can also be used along with the whole wheat flour.In South India, it ... Read More
Prasanna, asked 1d 3h ago

What is Navroz festival? How is it celebrated?

Answered 1d 3h ago, 5 Views
Nowruz, or Navroz, is the Persian New Year and the traditional festival marking the beginning of spring, which is followed by the Zoroastrian faith. The festival Jamshed-e-Navroz is the festival of rejuvenation and revitalization and is named after the Persian ruler Jamshed. It is celebrated by Iranians and Parsis on ... Read More
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