Asked on 22nd May, 2017

Is IPL the brainchild of Lalit Modi?

Answered 12h 34m ago, 1 Views
Absolutely! It was only Lalit Modi who introduced this highly adorable short format of cricket, which is now widely known as IPL, and it eventually also proved to be his downfall. But it has a very interesting story behind it. So, let’s go the flashback.Believe it or not but Lalit ... Read More
Asked on 28th Jun, 2017

what is the meaning of Hybrid and who is the first person developed hybrids in plants?

Answered 13h 21m ago, 1 Views
A hybrid, or crossbreed, is the term which is the result of combining the qualities of two organisms of different breeds, varieties, species or genera through sexual reproduction for some specific genetic characteristics. Hybrids are not mandatory from their own parents only but from different sources as well.Thomas Fairchild is ... Read More
Asked on 22nd Jun, 2017

Why should you tame the superhero inside you?

Answered 13h 49m ago, 2 Views
"The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper.” - AristotleEvery man has a superhero inside. You have to unmask and tame the ... Read More
Asked on 11th May, 2017

What are a few great ways to wear gladiators?

Answered 15h 0m ago, 4 Views
All generations on this planet have tried gladiators because they are not only look elegant but also display your style quotient, and guess what, gladiator never go off the vogue. They’re always there in some or the other form to lure the hearts of both the sexes. Here are some ... Read More
Asked on 2nd Jun, 2017

Why is talking about periods a taboo in India?

Answered 15h 4m ago, 4 Views
India is heading towards the developing country and doing wonders in almost every field. But still, there are some places, which are extremely backward and totally unknown from the level of improvement the country is achieving. Among many issues, talking about periods in public is still treated as a biggest ... Read More
Asked on 14th Jul, 2017

What is the difference between Christianity and Islam regarding Jesus?

Answered 15h 8m ago, 0 Views
The followers of Christianity and Islam believe in Jesus Christ. In both the religions, it is believed that the birth of Jesus was miraculous. However, there are some differences between both the religions.Christians believe in Trinity which includes father, son, and the Holy Ghost while Muslims do not believe in ... Read More
Asked on 22nd Jun, 2017

What are the tasks of arteries and Veins? What happens if they get damaged?

Answered 15h 20m ago, 0 Views
Arteries are red blood vessels that carry the oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Only pulmonary and umbilical arteries carry deoxygenated blood. The arteries have a thick muscular layer to bear the pressure of the blood. Arteries can be hardened if the flow of blood ... Read More
Asked on 30th May, 2017

Why do people say that goodness and evil are like a rubber ball?

Answered 15h 25m ago, 5 Views
Yes. It is very true and proven time and again.I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction as the most powerful law in the universe. The essence of that Law is "You are getting, what you are giving”. Whatever feelings and thoughts and emotions you give, will come ... Read More
Asked 1d 14h ago

What do AC and CE mean on a calculator?

Answered 16h 30m ago, 1 Views
AC stands for All Clear. AC clears the calculator and resets any functions. This clears the calculator and resets any functions. The memory has to be cleared by pressing Min after AC. CE, which is seen in some calculators stands for Clear Entry which erases the last entry you have keyed ... Read More
Asked on 11th May, 2017

What does the term called PEP mean when it comes to investment?

Answered 16h 11m ago, 0 Views
PEP stands for Personal Equity Plan and it was introduced in the U.K. that enabled people above the age of 18 to invest in the shares of British companies. An approved plan, investment trust or qualifying unit trust were brought into action to get this done. The biggest advantage of ... Read More
Asked on 15th Mar, 2018

Do you have a specific song that reminds you of summer? what is it?

Answered 16h 52m ago, 2 Views
Yes, but this is not a movie song but the song of Limca ad i.e., "Jaane Boondon me Kaisa Nasha hai". It has multiple versions, starring Riya Sen, Deepika Padukone etc. I like this song very much, and whenever I listen to this song, that freshness and summer feeling remind me ... Read More
Asked on 15th Mar, 2018

Do You Know the Benefits Of Being In Love?

Answered 17h 7m ago, 3 Views
Love is a beautiful and the best feeling for anyone. Love cannot be defined only from the aspect of any particular relation either it is of a mother, sister, father, friend, and the partner. Love of every relationship is different, unique and possesses a different place, which is not comparable.When ... Read More
Asked on 15th Mar, 2018

What is biodiversity and why does it matter to us?

Answered 17h 25m ago, 2 Views
Biodiversity, also known as Biological diversity is a term which simply describes the variety of living beings on earth. It refers to the variability of number and abundance of multiple different species living in some particular region which includes plants, animals and ecosystems such as coral reefs, forests, rainforests, deserts ... Read More
Asked on 14th Jul, 2017

How many prophets were sent by Allah to the world according to Islam? Name some of them. What was the reason of sending the prophets?

Answered 17h 57m ago, 1 Views
Muslims believe that 1, 24, 000 prophets were sent by Allah to the world for preaching moral and goodness. Some of the prophets were sent to a particular tribe while some of them were sent for the whole world. The main reason of sending the prophets was to preach submission ... Read More
Asked on 26th Jan, 2018

How often is it healthy for a couple to have sex?

Answered 19h 9m ago, 2 Views
When it comes to ‘SEX’, I think we forget that this is also just another need like feeding ourselves, stay socialize, etc. and we end up making it a taboo. We human beings inherently have this need since our inception; therefore, in my opinion, it can not be put into ... Read More
Asked on 24th May, 2017

What is a router and how is it different from Modem?

Answered 19h 24m ago, 2 Views
Router:The Router is the gadget which creates a network between the computers and other Internet-connected devices in your home.It sits between your LAN and Internet connection. It helps you to connect multiple devices to the internet through one single physical internet connection and lets those devices communicate with one another ... Read More
Asked on 18th Oct, 2017

How many oceans are there in the world?

Answered 19h 37m ago, 2 Views
There are 5 oceans in the world.Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanThe Southern OceanThe Arctic Ocean
Asked on 12th Apr, 2018

Is hello app a game changer for social media platform ?

Answered 19h 54m ago, 4 Views
The social network popular among the world youth was Orkut even before Facebook was launched. Orkut was famous for its Communities, where you had discussion threads. Now the founder of Orkut, Orkut Büyükkökten has come up with a new social network called "Hello". This focuses on your hobbies, obsessions and passions and ... Read More
Asked on 15th Mar, 2018

Principal Rapes Class 10th Student: Where Exactly Are Women Safe in India?

Answered 19h 46m ago, 4 Views
Nowhere, not even in the home, temples, schools or outside. In India, they are not safe at all. The rate of such shameful incidents is increasing drastically, like blinking your eyes. It does not matter what she wears, what is her age or who she is.This is because they have ... Read More
Asked on 8th May, 2017

Why is the Indian football so terrible?

Answered 20h 10m ago, 6 Views
Following are some of the reasons why is Indian football in pits:Predominance of cricketNo sponsorersPolitics in all gamesRegionalismLack of scientific approach and researchNo Efficient coachesLack of playgroundsSchools and Colleges hardly show any interestNo Media CoverageThe mentality of parents to make their children the next Sachin, Dhoni, Virat, Sania, Saina  not ... Read More
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