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YouTube Introduces Non-Skippable Ads to All Creators

YouTube is about to expand non-skippable ads to all creators. Till now non-skippable ads are available only to a selected number of creators. After the new update sets in, the facility will be available to everyone associated with the YouTube Partner Programme. Digital marketers in London are expecting this update to kick in any moment now.

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What happens when you choose to enable unskippable ads as a creator? It will enable you to add advertisements not only to the new content that you’re going to upload but also to all your previously published videos. Experts from a leading SEO agency in London are of the opinion that this rollout will definitely make the creators richer many times.

To make this rollout fully functional, YouTube will introduce a special tool. The tool will allow creators to add and remove non-skippable ads in large numbers. The rollout is expected to introduce more transparency for creators, as now it will be possible for them to keep track of audience engagement from video content that contains non-skippable ads. Moreover, it will also be easier to keep the account of the revenue generating from these ads.

According to the London SEO Services experts, the rollout, as a whole, will help creators access if their ads are really helping or hurting their content.

YouTube doesn’t want to hurt the audiences in this new development. Previously, the maximum duration of non-skippable ads was up to 30 seconds. Now, it has trimmed the length limit to 20 seconds. So, they won’t have to sit through longer with non-skippable ads in order to watch their chosen video content.

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