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Woman Shot 3 People at YouTube Headquarters in Northern California.

In a horrifying incident, a woman, aged 36, shot three people at YouTube headquarters in Northern California. Although all three victims are badly injured but still alive and being kept under medical observation. This terrifying incident took place 12:48 (07:48 IST) when a woman entered in the premises of the Youtube headquarter and started shooting with a handgun.

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Who Is She?

As per the US media, the name of the woman is Nasim Aghdam (36) who has allegedly been a victim of a domestic dispute, and probably this incident is the result of the same. The suspect is reported to reach an outdoor dining area close to lunch time and started firing with a handgun. The police chief of San Bruno, Ed Barberini stated that their officers reached the spot instantly where they saw a chaotic scene with many people running here and there.

Nasim Shot Herself

Ed Barberini also said that minutes later, our officers found a woman who was later identified as Nasim was found dead. According to the police, she shot herself after shooting 3 innocents who were taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital immediately. Officials reported the 32-year-old woman’s condition was serious while another 27 years old victim’s condition was fair. Out of these, another person got injured during his attempt to escape from the crime scene. Watch the whole incident in this video

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