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Will the Upcoming 2019 elections be a Starry Affair in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh?

The upcoming 2019 elections are seeming to be too starry in the Telugu states. Just as in other South Indian states such as Karnataka and Tamilnadu, there seems to be a huge possibility of movie stars coming into politics in the coming year by making their foray in the next general elections. Though some of them supported indirect politics before, now these stars are ready to hit the political screen with their charisma, playing lead entries into politics.

So as to grab the attention and to win the hearts of people where their filmy roles magically gain some trust, these tinsel town celebrities are agog to mark their presence. The Indian film lovers have always made their hearts as red carpets to welcome their favourite superstars into politics.

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Let us have a look back regarding the list of politicians whose entry have changed the face of politics in once united Andhra Pradesh.

Take a Lookback:

Digging out the Old times, it was in 1982 the ANNA of Telugu states, NTR (Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao) who was a famous actor of then times, established the Telugu Desam Party, and created a history. It was the time when National Congress party was ruling and Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. Within a short span of ten months of having put up the party at such time, NTR became the Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh with a huge majority, only to show that the Movie stars can also win in the Politics. It was the same time when movie stars such as MGR and Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu and Rajkumar and Ambareesh in Karnataka were political pioneers from Indian Film Industry. Well, how can we ever forget Jayalalitha who has cast her spell on Tamil voters for decades who fondly call her Amma, and built temples for her? These stars have shown that the land where movies are treated as a religion, and stars as gods can always welcome them to have a win-win situation, whether in politics or in films.

When inspired by NTR, many of them from Telugu film industry such as MP Mohanbabu, Jayaprada, Sarada, Jamuna, Murali Mohan and producers Ramanaidu, Dasara NarayanaRao came into politics and made their mark. Following their footsteps, some of the cine stars kept on choosing Politics as their career. Later on, during 2009 elections, the Tollywood’s Mega Hero Chiranjeevi entered the Politics with huge expectations and launched his party named Prajaraajyam. His entry was a tough competition to all the political parties. Chiranjeevi became the saviour of the Congress party, whose existence was questionable after the sudden demise of Rajasekhar Reddy, though earned 18 positions. Having adding his strength to the Congress party, he was made central Minister which reveals his capacity.

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The cult figures are now diving directly into the fight in the coming 2019 general elections. The leading lights that looted the box offices are now gearing up to rob the vote banks. By establishing the Jenasena Party amidst ruling TDP and opposition YCP, and gaining great support from central government the Tollywood’s sensational actor Pavan Kalyan has all the Telugu people eyed on him. The party members are of course being very cautious in their approach, having the background of the failure of Prajarajyam party.

As the magic number to attain a decent support for becoming the Chief Minister is in double-digit, the Jenasena has to work hard to prove its vehemence. The crowd pullers such as comedian Ali and famous producers are also setting up their stages to present themselves as the ambassadors of Pavan Kalyan’s Jenasena.

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Coming to TDP, which already has high stardom along with its family members, has a good number of film stars as in it. Murali Mohan who is the Loksabha member of Rajahmundry, Balakrishna from Hindupur constituency and Ex-MP Harikrishna are continuing in the AP politics through the same party.  Now, other film actors such as Vani Viswanath, Tarak Ratna and Venu Madhav are entering the politics through TDP.

As far as the opposition party YSRCP is concerned, the firebrand Roja is playing a key role in AP politics. The director Puri Jagannath’s wife Lavanya is looking forward to joining this party, from Vizag. Some other prominent members of cine industry are also aspiring to get into politics through YCP.

Many of the other cine celebrities such as former Union Minister UV Krishnam Raju, Kavita, Jeevita and her husband Dr Rajasekhar etc are on their plans for the political entry.

In Telangana:

When it comes to Telangana, the MP Babu Mohan has already established himself as a leader, while Jaya sudha is on her way gaining enough experience. The newly wedded actress Samantha, who is well-known for her kind heart through her trust Pratyusha, is planning to launch herself into politics on behalf of the Akkineni’s family. In the same way, the versatile actor Jr.NTR is also likely to enter into direct politics by the coming elections. Though the Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu might not launch himself into politics, there are chances that he might campaign on behalf of his brother-in-law, Galla Jayadev. The senior actor cum politician Vijayasanthi is again on her way to get a good position, but this time through the Congress party. The Maa Association members Rajendra Prasad and Sivaji Raja also might play a crucial role in the politics of twin cities. Even the famous lady comedian Hema has tried her luck in politics previously.

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The Multi-talented South Indian actor Prakash Raj has already sought the attention of Social media through his sensational comments on the Prime Minister. This show-stealer is a different paradigm of showing contempt towards the public issues, which seems to be his way of stepping into politics. If Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan and Vijay, who are eager to enter the politics of Tamilnadu, go forward, they would definitely bag good support for their party from their huge fan base at Rayalaseema. The Rajinikanth fan club is anticipating a new party from this South-Indian Superstar.

As there is only one year remaining for the general elections to commence, the decisions taken by these cine stars are surely going to show their effect on the upcoming elections. So, let’s get ready for some starry surprises, on the political stage, for this new year!!

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