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Why India Doesn't Read Right

The poor people of the state rely on the Government schools for the Primary education of their children. However, the government failed to facilitate proper infrastructure for the government schools, in terms of providing buildings, teachers etc. These schools lack basic facilities like blackboards and chalk. Another reason would be the lack of roads and poor transport facilities.

Rigged Education Model:

The entire nation was surprised to see the toppers of Bihar in 2016. While the arts topper pronounced Political Science as "Prodigal Science" and told the media that the subject was all about cooking. The Science topper failed to define electrons and protons. As a result, the Board decided to retest and interview the top 13 of class 12, in which many students failed.

In 2017, more than 60% of students failed the class 12 Board exam. When they were asked the reason, a common answer was, they were not allowed to cheat or the paper was not known to them previously. This clearly reflects the collapsing education system in the state and the mindset of students and the parents.

Candidates Clearing Teacher's Eligibility Test:

The Teacher's eligibility test conducted this June in Bihar witnessed 83% of failed candidates out of all those who attempted the exam. According to the results, only 16.4% of the candidates managed to pass the test to be eligible for teaching classes 1 to 5 while 17.8% of the candidates managed to be eligible to teach class 6 to 8.

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