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Why has UGC dropped 4,305 journals from its approved list? How will it affect the prospectus of the research scholars, Ph.D. aspirants, etc.?

Recently, The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) recent move has left researchers in a sheer state of dismay when it removed 4,305 journals from its approved list. The reason given for this stern move is that UGC was concerned about the quality of these journals and many among them were already at its target since long. It is notable that UGC reviews its journals and put them under the quality check between whiles, but the surprising element in the decision is that the organization never scraped journals at such a number. After the axed journal, the number of approved journals has come down to only 30, 000. This ban has 100 journals of Rajasthan's academic institutions alone.

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A Sure Blow to Scholars

This major step by the UGC is surely going to hit the prospectus of not only research scholars, Ph.D. aspirants, but also professors and assistant professor to get promotions. Moreover, it will affect those who have completed their Ph.D. and are waiting for their Ph.D. award after getting their publication done.

It is notable that under UGC rules, a Ph.D. student has to publish at least one research paper in an approved journal to earn the degree while professors, assistant professors, and teachers need to publish their research paper to win promotions. At present, the government is promoting the scholars only by changing their designation based on their API score and if UGC brings this policy into effect even for those who have already got their papers approved, then a large number of students will suffer.

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