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Use Your Smartphone But With A Care Gentleman

The one thing we cannot go along without at the moment is our darling smartphone. But do you think we have no etiquette to handle this device, which is although very essential but deadly at the same time?  Yes, it’s true but you worry not. Follow these simple rules to get the most out of it without putting anything for the toss.

Do Not Excessively Charge It

You need to get rid of the habit of charging your phone continuously for long hours because this might lead to overheating. Do not forget to unplug it from the power outlet.

Never Keep Your Phone In Your Shirt’s Pocket

Although, there is still no unanimity among experts whether carrying your phone in this pocket can really cause you any trouble or not but physicians recommend to avoid this.

Avoid Listening to Music While It’s On Charge

The recent reports reveal that we must avoid plugging in the earphones at the same time when the phone is on the power plug. This might lead you to give the electric shot.

Never Keep Your Phone Close While Sleeping

Always keep your smartphone away before hitting the bed or you can switch off. Do not even keep it under the pillow because it emits radiation, which is dangerous if you keep it close to the body. Many have reported insomnia due to this.

Avoid Sunlight

We all do it..right? This can be dangerous. Avoid placing it under the sunlight as well as on a car’s dashboard, especially for a long duration.

I Am Sure You Don’t Know This

Do you remove the case before putting it on the charge? This practice is not good for the health of your case because many of us have such expensive cases.

Leap Before You Download Apps

Always download apps either from the Play Store or from App Store and never risk to get them from any unauthentic source.

Never User Cheap Adapters

We often use cheap adapters to charge our handsets which is equally dangerous because the cases of phones going blow up or giving shock occur due to the use of a non-branded adapter. Replace the old one with a branded one only.

Keep It Locked Always

It can be lethal to share your phone’s sensitive data with anyone; therefore, always keep it locked. Secure it with your biometric authentication, figure print or use a highly secured password.

Never Do This If It Is Wet

This usually happens during rains. Plugging in anything whether it’s an earphone or a charger when it’s wet can be dangerous. Putting it on power while it’s wet is not recommended. Simply check it before you plug it in.

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