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This latest research has proved that learning a new word can actually boost your happiness level.

If you are not feeling well or isolation is biting you. Simply open up the dictionary that has been submerged in dust and learn a new word and you will see that this activity really fetches you joy. Tim Lomas, a lecturer of Psychology in the University of East London, experimented this and found a few words that, although, cannot be translated but their meaning can be figured out. Lomas considers this experiment, which leads to the door of the zenith.

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Later, a book named ‘Translating Happiness’ was published on the same theory in which the thought was explained with the logic that psychologist must pay a heed to the languages and dialects spoken in the distant cultures. Any anonymous or hidden word can bring a smile on the faces of the depressed people. This happiness is not like the one that we get after achieving something but like the one that we get during meditation. The extreme happiness lingers inside and we find ourselves in the state of running out of words to express it. Interestingly, there is a word from the Sanskrit languages-‘Upeksha’ (negligence) is mentioned which actually has a very broad sense.

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