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This Is How You Can Safeguard Yourself from Allergies This Winter

Winters have started knocking our door and so are the troubles like allergies, infections, dryness, itchy skin, etc. The dipping temperature might cause you cold, cough, and the seasonal viral. The chances of catching cold become higher if you ride. Therefore, it’s essential to wear a mask along with your helmet.

Wipe the body of the kids below the age of five with a wet towel instead of giving them a bath. A drastic difference in the day-night temperature is observed in this season that further increases the chances of getting viral and mostly the youth gets affected from this. They are prone to allergies as well as many other physical issues.

The elders have a fragile immunity than us, and this leads anemia, heart diseases, diabetes, and many other infections in them. High blood pressure affects eyes, heart, kidney, and brain. The seasonal diseases also cause lung infection and many other infections.    

This Is How You Can Avoid Allergies

  • Regular exercise and a balanced diet is the key.
  • Include milk and dairy products, dry foods, fresh fruits leafy veggies in your diet.
  • Drink lots of water and liquids.
  • Stay away from dust to avoid allergies.
  • Wear a mask to avoid pollution and dust.
  • Negligence of woolens can put you in trouble so be careful.
  • You can also wear a cap.
  • Wrap a muffler before going out.
  • Always have your goggles on and wear a helmet while riding so that the air does not affect your face and eyes.
  • Gusty air hits the facial nerves severely and they might go numb.
  • Avoid Dust 
  • Dust allergy turns to be a big issue in winters and you might have experienced constant sneezing as soon as you get off your bed. Therefore, it becomes very essential to dust off what you cover your body with at night.

Fever and Headache 

These two start upsetting your health once you catch cold. Once the cool air enters your body, it imbalances your body temperature this is the reason you have a headache if you are already suffering from cold.

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