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This Cover Page of National Geographic Is the Most Talked about Picture in the World Now.

The latest edition of the celebrated wildlife magazine, National Geographic Magazine came under the spotlight for its cover image, which signifies towards a grave concern being built by the boost in the usage of plastic bags. This latest edition kicks off a campaign titled as ‘Planet or Plastic’, which talks about the rising danger of plastic. According to the research mentioned in this edition, not only the environment on the earth is in danger, but the clouds of hazard are hovering over the other living organism, and obviously we human beings cannot be spared either.    

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This ‘Planet or Plastic’ campaign highlights the negative impact of plastic bottles, bags, and packaging material made of plastic on the environment. Plastic is polluting jungles, mountains, rivers, and oceans as well. The illustrations included in the magazine depict the state of human beings, birds, and wildlife. This campaign has received a great appreciation from the people across the globe.

The researchers, data analysts, and scientists associated with this edition of the magazine have remarked that a whopping amount of 90 Lakh ton plastic is affecting our planet earth. Therefore, this is the high time to stop it. If people get aware of the consequences and start avoiding its use, the plastic bags manufacturers will automatically be compelled to reduce the production.

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