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These Popular Myths About Taj Mahal will Surely Leave You Strike with Awe.

  • The oldest myth about Taj Mahal is that Shah Jahan severed the hands of the sculptors and architects after they finished the construction of this universal marvel because he never wanted that such magnificent and amazing piece of work to be repeated. But there is no clue of such event was found by historians even in the last four hundred years.
  • A group of masses believes that the monument is sinking while another group feels that despite all the precautions, cracks were spotted right after 4 years of its completion. Moreover, many believe that it is tilting towards the riverside.
  • Another myth prevailed in the society about this pious shrine of eternal love is that a number of valuable items like diamonds, a gold leaf, which covered the part of the dome,  a pearl blanket etc. which were a part of it when it was built have now been stolen.

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