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Start Exploring Yourself to Be Happy - Learning is The Real Happiness

In this beautiful world, many of us feel stressed-out sometimes and run behind anything which gives an intense happy feeling. Different people have different ways to be happy like some find happiness in work, some from their kids, movies, music, shopping, travelling and many more. 

But have you ever realized that you really feel happy when you learn new things? Just remind some memories…for e.g., when you learnt to ride a bicycle, a new dance style, a new language, playing the guitars or cook your favourite dish or anything new.

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Now, I hope at least one thing you got it, what really made you happy. Learning is a gift which nobody can take away from you. Learning something new always gives a good feeling about yourself and makes you a confident person as well. Especially, when you learn something that you find very difficult, for e.g., driving a car or swimming etc. And, I am very sure, when you learn a small step towards your goal, will really make you satisfied and happy.

One real experience, I am sharing is- one of my friends joined a BPO company, and he had to speak fluent English anytime or on any topic. He was actually a very average guy, so was not able to speak the same, and slowly he started feeling low, less-confident and negative about himself. But later, he decided to work on it and took his first step. 

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During his training classes, he started requesting his trainer to conduct an extempore class on a regular basis. And guess what, he actually learned whatever he wanted and became a cheerful and confident person. Now, he is a fluent English speaker as well!!

So, overall it’s all about you and your ability. Trust in yourself, you have the ability to do all that you really want from life. You just have to take a moving step and that’s all. Stick towards the learning attitude and find yourself the most joyful and positive person. If you really want to be happy, only you can help yourself and nobody else.

                                     Start learning and feel the joy!! 

Share your experiences of learning to motivate and inspire others.

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