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Some considerable advantages of using Ringless voicemail for businesses

Ringless voicemail simply works by enabling the server to deliver the voicemail message directly into the carrier of voicemail server without creating any kind of distraction in user’s routine. That’s why it is called a non-intrusive form of messaging which is different than a standard phone call. A user can listen to the premeditated recording in his voicemail inbox without being distracted by the ringtone of their cell phone.

Now after defining the concept of Ringless voicemail solutions, we can further delve into the various benefits entailed by the innovative marketing technique.

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Advantages for debt collection agencies:

For debt collection agencies, there are plenty of amazing advantages to using ringless voicemail drops solutions. Among all the advantages, the most interesting one is, ringless voicemail doesn’t violate the TCPA laws because there are no direct calls are made, instead, it only delivers a simple voice message without creating any distraction in user’s routine. So, these debt collection agencies can deliver their messages to their potential customers with the help of predictive dialer without the risk of being hit with the TCPA lawsuit.

Another huge benefit is, agencies can simply offer more comfort and ease to their customers. Agencies are no longer required to contact their customers during busy hours and get responded in a rude way. They can directly go to the voicemail, leave a message and then move onto another customer.

Are the customers happy with Ringless voicemail?

There are some customers who are not simply happy with the extensive use of the ringless voicemail technique. As they believe it is a true invasion of their privacy issue. So, they believe that these agencies should not have the right to deliver a message directly into their voicemail box without letting them know or making a direct call. But on the other hand, most of the customers are happy as they can enjoy announcements, reminders, event promotion, invites and much more with the single message.

The consumer will never be charged for the message:

The most attractive advantage of Ringless voicemail system is that the consumer will never be charged for the voice message. The message charges won’t appear on their bill and they can listen to the voicemail whenever they get free time.

The delivery technique:

The delivery technique of Ringless voicemail does not disturb the wireless network and can make the voicemail appear direly to the landline voicemail server. So, just like the routine, the users can retrieve all the voicemails normally and directly.

High response rate:

Ringless voicemail technique enables the consumer to listen to the message when they are ready and free from their daily chores. As compared to other traditional techniques, the listening rate of this method is quite high as customers do not distract from their routine and they can respond to the message whenever they feel free.

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