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Shocking. The Donation of BJP Boosted Up to 593 percent In One year. Touched Rs. 532 Cr. Mark.

Believe it or not, but money is raining for BJP as if they have made a big hole in the Kuber’s treasure and why not when the command of the country is in the hand of such a dynamic figure money just flows towards him like magnate attracts iron. No, we are not claiming this, but this has been revealed by ADR ( Association for Democratic Reforms) in its report published on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. The report says the total donation received by BJP in the last year has reached a whopping sum of ₹ 523 Cr with 593 percent.

Interestingly, 6 national parties of the country including BJP, Congress, NCP, CPI, CPM, and TMC have received ₹ 589.39 Cr rupees in the year 2016-2017 excluding any amount less than 20 thousand. BJP tops this list by getting the whacking sum of ₹ 532.27 Cr, which is 9 times higher than the amount rest of the parties received. Second is Congress, which has received ₹ 41.90 Cr.

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(Source ADR)

It is noteworthy that parties have to inform the Election Commission for getting any donation more than ₹ 20 thousand.  BSP again in the twelfth year has claimed that they have not received any donation more than ₹ 20K. The number of people donated for BJP is 1194 whole congress received from 594 people.   

Where Are They Receiving It From?

The most shocking part of this whole scenario is 45% of the sources of donation are unknown. It means a huge amount of ₹ 710.80 Cr. was received from such sources. That means 45% of the total income of all parties. Out of this fund, BJP got  ₹ 464.94 Cr and ₹ 126.12 Cr.

In 2016-17, the total income of the 7 national parties was ₹ 1559.17 Cr. This amount came from the following sources:

  • From donation- ₹ 590 Cr.
  • From property selling, membership fee, party levy etc- ₹ 258.99 Cr.

Interesting Facts

  • BJP and Congress have received this donation from the same company named Satya Electoral Trust.
  • Satya has donated ₹ 251.11 Cr. (47%) to BJP and ₹ 13.90 Cr. (33%) to Congress.
  • All the parties have received the donation ₹ 290.90 Cr of from Delhi.
  • Maharashtra ranks second with a sum of ₹ 112.31 Cr.
  • Uttar Pradesh donated ₹ 20.22 Cr.
  • BJP has received the donation from 194 sources while Congress has received from 599 sources.

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