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Shocking! Every 4th User Is Deleting Facebook from His Smartphone

There has been many instances of data leak in Facebook in the past one year and the effect of this is that the user is disillusioned with the giant social media platform. One out of every 4 users is deleting the Facebook app from mobile. Users are afraid that these apps can snoop on their mobile's personal data and information. 

What Do Stats Say?

The interesting fact is that 44% of these users, who are going away from Facebook, are of 18 to 29 years age. These results have come out from a recent survey of the Pew Research Center of America. Pew Center had done these surveys to study the image of Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

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This shows that after the controversy arising from data leak, 74% of the Facebook users have made some changes in the privacy settings of their Facebook account. Similarly, 42% users are those who have made a distance from Facebook for a few weeks or a few months. 

What Is the New Habit the Youth Developing?

These users say that they want to stay away from Facebook for a while and want to get habitual of staying without it. The result was that since the data leak, users are afraid of their privacy. Pew Research conducted the survey on about 5000 social media users of the United States. 

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Facebook has also kept its side about this. The social media giant with a base of about 225 million users said that "We have started an Education Campaign, which is telling users across the world how they can manage their information on social media."

Allegations on Twitter Too…

Twitter settings to support some political parties

California | There is also a big allegation on Twitter. In the US, the Republican Party says that Twitter uses data and platforms to support some political parties and to oppose the rest. Republican said this during a hearing in a case related to the neutrality of the social media platform.

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